Obstruction of College Procedures

Conduct which interferes with the regular procedures of the Col-lege, investigation of alleged offenses, the process by which they are resolved, or their outcomes, or that violates any College policy, including but not limited to the Computer Use Policy, Residence Hall and Dining Service Regulations, and parking regulations, may constitute an “obstruction of College procedures.” Application of this section shall not be used to restrict the exercise of free expres-sion of any member of the College community.

Examples of obstruction of College procedures include:

• Refusing to identify oneself to a College employee in the pursuit of his or her duty or to comply with appropriate instructions (e.g., re-fusing to provide your name or to disperse when asked to do so by campus Security.).

• Refusing to appear before College administrators or Security personnel charged with authority in matters of student conduct.

• Refusing to attend or to testify when called as a witness in a Stu-dent Conduct Hearing.

• Knowingly providing false information to any College official with intent to deceive during any phase of the student conduct process (including the investigatory stage) or conspiring with others to do so.

• Harassing witnesses or others involved in the disciplinary process at any time during the student conduct process, including the time during which any penalty is in effect.

• Violating the terms of any sanction imposed by appropriate au-thority (e.g., the Dean of Students Office or the Student Conduct Committee) in a disciplinary matter.

• Bribing or attempting to bribe a College official.

• Use or possession of a forged, altered, or falsified document in-cluding fake IDs.

• Assisting a person in violating a College policy or attempting to violate a College policy.

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