A student found by the Committee to have violated the Code must abide by the penalties imposed by the Committee. Failure to abide by the terms of SCC penalties should be brought to the attention of the Dean for investigation and possible further disciplinary action. Any penalty imposed by a Dorm Council or Dean’s Review, and any terms/conditions of Mediation, are similarly enforceable. If a student has appealed his/her penalty as imposed by the SCC, any prohibitions against contact between the accused student and any other witnesses remain in place. The student should refrain from contact with any members of the SCC and the Appeals Panel. Any attempt to influence or intimidate should result in investigation and further disciplinary action.

In most cases, the Office of the Dean of Students releases de-identified information on the charge and decision of the Com-mittee to the campus community via The Bates Student. In some instances, for example where a case involves situations or charges which have not been brought before the SCC in the past, the Committee may choose to issue an explanation of the general policy which was followed in coming to their decision in the case. The Student Conduct Committee is restricted from speaking about the specific details of any case by confidentiality rules which protect the privacy of all students involved in the case. The function of educating the student body regarding the rules and obligations of student life is essentially the responsibility of the Dean of Students Office and takes place outside the context of specific case hearings.

The President (or his/her designee) may withhold the degree of a student found in violation of this Code and who has not fulfilled each condition or requirement imposed as a penalty by the SCC. The degree may be withheld until the fulfillment of all outstanding obligations.

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