Part III: Resources, Rights & Responsibilities

It is important that students know where to turn when they have questions, and for the College to be confident that those to whom they turn understand the student conduct system. In addition to the language of the Code itself, the College makes available a variety of “live” resources:

The Office of the Dean of Students, members of the Faculty, the Judicial Educator, Junior Advisors and Resident Coordinators (JA’s and RC’s), and mediators. If a student is in trouble, has a complaint and wants to know how to proceed, or simply has a general question about disciplinary policy, JA’s and RC’s should know enough about the standards of conduct and judicial process at Bates to be able to provide helpful and accurate answers.

For more detailed information, students may speak with the Judicial Educator, who has extensive familiarity with the student conduct process and who is prepared to explain it to students and faculty who become involved in any aspect of a disciplinary matter.

The Judicial Educator is not associated with the Dean of Students Office and does not determine any element of a case, but serves as an independent, informed resource for students.

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