Any student called upon to provide information in connection with a disciplinary matter may ask a current member of the Bates College community (i.e., students, faculty, staff) to serve as advisor, providing that this individual is willing and available to serve at the appropriate time (i.e., without significantly delaying the investiga-tion and/or hearing). Staff and faculty not currently employed by Bates College, alumni of the College, and students not currently registered at the College may not serve as advisors. It is up to the student to decide whether and when s/he wants an advisor present; the student may choose not to exercise this option. There are always faculty members, staff members, or students who have agreed to serve as the advisor to any accused student who asks. There are also always faculty members, staff members, or students who have agreed to serve as the advisor to any accusing student who asks. The Dean of Students has the names of these willing “standing” advisors. In exceptional cases a particular standing advisor may be unavailable. Standing advisors are not intended to differ from other advisors whom students might select in any regard other than being generally available for service.

The role of the advisor is one of support. The advisor should assure that the student clearly understands all questions asked, and that the student clearly communicates his or her account of events. The advisor may wish to contact the Judicial Educator or the Co-Chairs of the Committee to gain fuller understanding of the disciplinary process. The advisor assists the student prior to the disciplinary hearing, attends the pre-hearing conference with the Co-Chairs, and is present with the student while the student is before the Student Conduct Committee. The advisor also may help the student identify appropriate witnesses. During the hearing, the advisor may pose questions to witnesses through the Co-Chairs and may make a statement to the SCC at the end of the hearing.

An individual who is scheduled to appear before the Student Con-duct Committee as an evidentiary or expert witness may not act as an advisor. In the event that the student’s advisor has been asked to serve as a character witness, this testimony is presented at the conclusion of the hearing.

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