Judicial Educator

The Judicial Educators serve as resource persons, not currently associated with the SCC or the Dean of Students Office, who are available to explain the disciplinary procedures of the College. Ordinarily, the Co-Chairs of the Student Conduct Committee shall recommend and the President appoint two former members of the Committee to serve as Judicial Educators for each academic year.

While the Dean may provide the student with an initial outline of the disciplinary process during the investigation, any student or faculty person involved in a conduct case (including witnesses and advisors) may make use of a Judicial Educator to answer questions about the College’s conduct procedures.

The Judicial Educators are available to students even before an investigation is begun by the Deans. For example, a student who has a grievance against another student may wish to speak with a Judicial Educator to learn what her/his options are for pursuing the matter on campus. When a charge is brought, the accused student (and the accusing party in cases alleging Actions Against Persons) should be encouraged by the Deans to meet with a Judicial Educator, but such a meeting is not mandatory.

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