Academic Support

The range of academic support services for learning different students at Bates is broad. Many varied accommodations are available and tailored to an individual student’s particular needs. We outline below some of the key services available, though the list is not exhaustive.


The tutoring program is available to every student in each discipline with the exception of English. Student tutors are recommended by the respective academic departments based upon their demonstrated proficiency and matched according to level of need of students requiring tutoring. These tutors are reimbursed for their work by the College and are not restricted in the number of sessions they might offer.

The Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop exists to provide instruction in writing to all Bates students. It is equipped with professional staff which offers individual tutorials, writing assessments, a resource library and related information. The staff can assist students in analyzing assignments, developing a clear focus, generating and organizing ideas, reasoning, clearly analyzing and revising drafts, and developing clear, concise prose.

Academic Performance Warnings

Students falling behind in a course may receive academic performance warning letters from the course instructor and from the deans of students, usually around mid-term. If you get such a letter, consult immediately with your instructor, your faculty advisor and/or one of the deans of students.

General Accommodations

Upon request, students with documented learning differences, may request additional or unlimited time to complete quizzes and examinations. The Deans will authorize on behalf of those students extended or unlimited time on, depending upon the specific diagnosis of learning difference presented. Moreover, the Deans will in certain cases work with individual faculty members to alter standard methods of testing and propose alternatives, such as oral or computer-assisted exams, scribes, or alternate exam sites with lower distractibility potential. Accommodations for extended or unlimited testing time, scribes, and alternate examination formats may only be arranged in advance of the scheduled testing.

In some cases where appropriate, the Deans will authorize the tape recording of lectures and major programs which may then be transcribed by a student employed by the Dean of Students Office, or provide notetakers in these instances. This allows for the production of more comprehensive lecture notes to supplement reading materials.

Each individual student’s specific diagnosis and academic program will determine the accommodations available to her/him. Therefore, students who share similar diagnoses but pursue different academic programs at Bates may likely receive different accommodations as determined by the Dean of Students in consultation with the faculty member involved.