Students who are diagnosed with a learning difference may provide the Dean of Students with a copy of their appropriate documentation.

Usually psycho-educational testing for learning differences is administered by certified or licensed psychologists who produce detailed reports, including test scores, findings, and recommendations. We ask that copies of such documentation, conducted within the previous five years, be supplied to the Dean of Students Office. The College reserves the right to request more complete documentation or supplemental assessments before finalizing any accommodations. No student is required to disclose the existence of her/his learning difference, though students who wish to obtain accommodations must do so.

Suspicion of a Learning Difference

Some students, though never tested or not in possession of formal documentation of a learning difference, may hold the suspicion that they are experiencing some more exaggerated language or auditory processing problems, difficulties with timed tasks or memory, distractibility, word recognition or spelling concerns, and/or writing deficiencies, among other difficulties. These students may request that the Dean of Students arrange for appropriate testing and evaluation through the Bates College Health Center. The expense of such testing is normally borne by the student; however, exceptions to the fee structure may be granted in cases of extreme hardship. Students who are questioning the presence of a learning difference may also arrange for appropriate testing and evaluation external to the College.


We will maintain confidentiality about a student’s learning difference to whatever extent possible; however, upon the request of an individual student for accommodations, it may be necessary for us to inform faculty, the Health Center, the Academic Standing Committee, academic advisors, and/or the Registrar’s Office to arrange necessary accommodations.