All resources afforded to the general student population are also available to students will learning differences.

Students should make use of all the support services and resources applicable to them in planning their programs of study and coping with any difficulties that may arise. The following is a listing of individuals who may be particularly helpful to students with learning differences and who endeavor to assist students in accomplishing their academic objectives at Bates.

The Coordinator of Learning Different Students

Holly Gurney serves as primary coordinator for learning different students at Bates. Holly works closely with students who have documented learning differences, as well as those who potentially may have a learning difference. She advises students, advocates for their needs, works with faculty in specific cases, and maintains a listing of students who have documented disabilities and the accommodations provided in their individual cases. Holly is in regular contact with the Health Center to arrange counseling and testing referrals.  To schedule an appointment with Holly you may call ext. 6220.

The Health Center Director and Learning Differences Counselor

The Health Center Director, Ms. Christy Tisdale, along with her staff of medical and counseling professionals, works closely with the Dean of Students office to support students with learning differences or medical circumstances that impact their learning. The two offices collaborate in health based situations where academic accommodations are required or need to be adjusted.  If you have further questions or require additional information, please contact the health center at  786-6199.

**Please note: During the summer months when the college is not in session the Campus Health Center is open for only part of each day.  Should you call and reach the center’s voice mail, please leave your name, telephone number, and the purpose of the call. Someone will return your call as soon as possible (probably within 24 hours).

The Faculty

The role of the faculty in dealing with either students in their classrooms or their advisees is to aid students in reaching their academic potential. Students with learning differences who are experiencing academic hardship should consult with their instructors for guidance.