Environment and Human Culture

Environment and Human Culture Major Concentration Requirements

1. One of the following introductory science courses:

  • BIO 124 Plants and Human Affairs/Lab
  • ENVR 203 Scientific Approaches to Environmental Issues/Lab
  • GEO 103 Earth Surface Environments and Environmental Change/Lab
  • GEO 109 Global Change/Lab
  • PHYS 106 Energy and Environment

2. One of the following intermediate science courses (some courses have prerequisites):

3.  One of the following social science courses:

  • AN/ES 242 Environment, Human Rights, and Indigenous Peoples
  • ENVR 337 Social Movements, NGOs, and the Environment
  • ECON 222 Environmental Economics
  • ENVR 272 Oikos: Rethinking Economy and Ecology
  • ENVR 301 Politics of Nature
  • EN/LS 350 Environmental Justice in the Americas

4.  One of the following:

5.  One of the following environmental history courses:

6.  One of the following literature, visual, and cultural studies courses:

7.  One of the following environmental philosophy courses:

  • ES/PL 214 Environmental Ethics
  • INDS 228 Caring for Creation: Physics, Religion, and the Environment
  • ANTH 206 What is Human?

8.  Three additional courses from lists 4-7 above.  Two of these must be at the 300 level.  One course from the following list may also count:

  • ENG 293 Creative Nonfiction
  • EN/ES 121O The Creative Spirit: Self and Nature
  • EN/ES 121Q The Lives of Rivers
  • ES/RU s20 Environment and Culture in Russia
  • ES/RE s25 Food and the Sacred
  • ENVR s29 Walking: The Practice, Politics, and Pleasures of One’s Own Two Feet
  • INDS 208 Introduction to Medieval Archeology
  • INDS 291 Environmental Archeology
  • INDS 321 Afroambiente: Writing a Black Environment