Regional Perspectives on Environment and Society

The Regional Perspectives Concentration is no longer available to students beginning with the class of 2016!

Concentration Adviser: Jane Costlow

This concentration challenges students to analyze different ways in which human societies define their relationships with nature and the environment. The required courses introduce students to the diversity of human cultures and the diverse ways in which societies interact with the world around them. Students are then asked to apply some of these concepts to a more focused study of how individuals and societies in a particular region understand and interact with each other and with the natural world. The seminar requirement provides students with theoretical tools to interpret what they have learned with an eye to acquiring a deeper understanding of the relation between humans and their environment.

Courses that count for the fourth course (200- or 300-level) requirement within the core:

Concentration Requirements:

  1. Anthropology 101
  2. Two off-campus courses focusing on environmental questions within a particular cultural or geographic context; these must be approved prior to study away.
  3. Two additional courses from the Bates curriculum which focus on the history, culture and/or politics of the region in which the student studied off campus.  At least one of these must be taken prior to study away.
  4. One of the following 300-level seminars:
    -Anthropology 333 Culture and Interpretation
    -Anthropology 335 The Ethnographer’s Craft
    -Anthropology 339 Production and Reproduction
    -Environmental Cultural Studies (TBA)
    -Anthropology/Education 378  Ethnographic Approaches to Education

NB:  Any student planning to do interviews as part of their thesis must take Anthropology s10 (Ethnographic Field Work) prior to conducting interviews.