Health & Safety


In 1994, the College adopted the following policy:

“The safety and health of all personnel at Bates College is of major importance. Therefore, the College accepts the primary responsibility of lessening accidents in order that each employee may work in a safe and healthful environment and return home each day without injury, illness, or financial loss.
Injuries are always disturbing, often calamitous and costly to the individual, his/her family and the College. Consequently, we have instituted a policy to promote safe practices that can help to prevent accidents and diminish unsafe conditions.
An organized college-wide safety committee has been established to enhance safety through awareness training, engineering and supervision.
Each employee plays an important part in this safety and health program, and is expected to join in making this a successful, accident free and healthy environment.”[*]

In support of this policy, the College’s Safety Office, in collaboration with other Bates Departments, has developed policies and procedures for safe practices at the College. Information on safety policies are distributed to those who are directly affected by them, and they are available for review in the Human Resources Department. We expect that these guidelines will reinforce the College’s commitment to the safety of all members of our community. To learn more about Health and Safety at Bates College, select one of the areas listed below.


Jess Smith
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
220 College Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

James Guzelian
Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
220 College Street
Lewiston, ME 04240