Integrated Contingency Plan

An Integrated Contingency Plan has been designed to minimize hazards to human health and the environment potentially caused by fires, explosions, natural disasters, bomb threats, and any unplanned release of hazardous material to air, soil, surface water, or groundwater at or from the facility. The provisions of this plan will be carried out whenever there is a fire, explosion, or release of hazardous material at or from the facility that could threaten human health or the environment.

The important thing to remember in any emergency situation is to dial 786-6111 on your Bates College telephone. The x-6111 number is to the Security and Campus Safety Office who are trained to respond to any emergency on campus. Dialing x-6111 is as an effective way of responding since the Security Department will contact the appropriate emergency personnel (security, police, fire, or medical personnel) and direct them to the appropriate location.

There are additional procedures requested of faculty and staff members who receive a bomb threat. Please refer to section 136 of this handbook for more information on Bomb Threats. For a more complete description of the Integrated Contingency Plan, please refer to section 515 of this handbook.

Source: Section 135, Bates College Employee Handbook.