Loft Inspections

Lofted beds are permitted only when appropriate approvals have been issued. While some rooms are provided with bunk beds or loftable beds, most are equipped with standard issue beds. Safety and fire codes limit the size, construction and positioning of lofts. For these reasons any student wishing to build a loft for their bed must obtain a permit from the Environmental, Health and Safety Office.

Lofts must incorporate the bed spring as students are not permitted to remove College-issued furniture from their room. Loft platforms may not exceed 48 inches in width due to National Fire Prevention Association requirements. Lofted beds may not impede exit from the room and may not interfere with the operation of sprinkler systems. The top of a bed must be a minimum of 24 inches below any sprinkler head.

Construction must be sturdy and may not be attached in any way to walls, ceilings or woodwork. When construction is complete the owner must contact Environmental, Health and Safety personnel to arrange for an inspection.

Unpermitted lofts may be removed and owners will be charged a life safety fine and removal fee. Abandoned lofts will also result in removal charges. Lofts may not be stored in College storage rooms at any time and may be removed at the discretion of Facility Services.

To make your space and that of other people around you safer, we urge you to particularly pay attention to few items listed here.

To arrange for an inspection or for more information, please contact:
Environmental, Health & Safety at 6413 or 8226.