Project Request Form

Requests for all new construction and building renovations including the purchasing of furniture and equipment that will require modifications to utilities (phone, data, power, plumbing or mechanical systems) or structures should be made on this Request a Project Memo and Form link.  This form was developed to help consider most of the typical needs of a project and should be filled out by you as much as possible and forwarded to Facility Services.

Upon receipt of the completed form, Facility Services will review the scope of work and assign a Project Manager.  They will work with you in preparing a Budget Estimate for you to fund through your department’s operating budget or for you to submit for the annual Capital Budget request process.

The Project Request Form can be submitted to Facility Services throughout the year allowing ample time for planning and pricing larger projects.  This will avoid last-minute requests which are difficult to fulfill on short notice.

Your help is much appreciated.  Thank you for your support.

Last Updated:  November 2, 2012