For Students – Important Information

Facility Services, the department responsible for the buildings, furnishings, and grounds of the College.  Its services for students include:

  • Work orders:  room and building repairs:  i.e. broken shades, plugged toilet, no heat, water leak etc.  We ask that the work order be reported to the Work Order line 207-786-6449 (Ext. 6449 on campus) or after hours emergency repairs, Security 786-6254, by the person having or noticing the problem, as we ask questions and a third party may not have the helpful answers we need.
  • Dorm room telephone issues:  report to the Help Desk, Ext. 8222
  • Scheduling events:  Spaces/Events/BBQ’s are reserved in EMS (Event Management System):  reserve your space for your events on line or with the Campus Events Scheduling Coordinator, at 207-786-6299, at least two days in advance.   This enables the request process to be followed and the proper people notified in advance of your events and requests.  It is best to include ALL of your requests (tables, chairs, BBQ grill etc.) at the time of your initial reservation, as last minute requests are not always possible to grant.  Please plan ahead!
  • Dorm damage:  questions or concerns by students or parents, please call Dave Larrabee, Residential Facilities Auditor, directly at  207-786-6205 or e-mail him at  He is the only person that can answer your dorm damage billing or related questions.
  • Custodial services:  include trash removal and cleaning of bathroom facilities and common areas.  Students are responsible for their residence hall rooms and private baths.  Vacuums and other cleaning tools are centrally located in residence halls for student use
  • Guest mattresses:  with your Bates ID, students MUST pick up/return guest mattresses to the Facility Services office, at Cutten Maintenance Center.  Mattresses must be returned by the date specified, or a $20 fee is charged to the student’s account.  Call 786-6207 to inquire if a mattress is available and then you should be able to transport it, when you arrive for pickup.  DO NOT leave the mattress in the hall to be picked up by Facility Services.  If you took it out, you are responsible for its return by the specified date.  Mattresses left in hallways are a fire hazard.
  • Bed boards:  may be picked up by students on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  In fairness to all students, location for pick up TBA after the start of the school year each fall.  If you have a medical necessity, or it is at the beginning of second semester, please check with Dave Larrabee at 786-6205, for availability.  Note:  if none are available, you may always purchase your own plywood at a local lumberyard and our carpenters will cut it for you
  • “Stickies” and molding hooks:  to hang posters without damage to walls, may be obtained for free at the Facility Services office
  • Student mail/packages:  for questions regarding mailing or receiving of student mail or packages – please contact the PACKAGE CENTER at Chase Hall 207-786-6098, additional information is on the web under OFFICE SERVICES
  • Lost & Found:  check with the Custodian in the building where you lost the item, they may have tucked it away until claimed.  NO “lost & found” items are stored at Facility Services.  If found, keys may have been turned in to the Access Control Office, Chase Hall, Rm 140 or Security for wallets, eye glasses etc.
  • Keys:  initial key pickup and return times are listed on the web under Security.  Questions or problems regarding keys, may be directed to Suzy Nattress, Access Control Office at 786-6379 or by stopping by to see her in Chase Hall, Rm 140.
  • Bicycle storage:  Rand Hall Bike Storage Building and Rzasa/Hopkins Bike Storage, both are card access.  No other storage items are allowed in these areas
  • Student storage:  No storage available for graduating seniors.  All other students will need a current year Bates storage tag to attach to each box/tub placed in storage.  Tags are available at the Facility Services office only.  Three per student are allowed and each student must pick up their own.  Students are responsible for placing their items in storage and on campus storage space is limited.  We also recommend putting your name inside the box/bag as well, in the event the tag is lost.  Storage is always at your own risk and is “first come first serve.”  When one storage area is filled, try another on the list, it does not have to be in the dorm you are currently living in, or may be moving to.  If storage areas with cages are full/locked, you will need to store in another dorm.  Do NOT leave items outside of locked cages, as they will be disposed of.
    • Items that cannot be stored:  furniture, rugs of any size, building materials and lofts, flammable liquids, bicycles, appliances (including refrigerators of any size) – use off campus storage if you have any of these items that will need to be stored
    • No personal items may be stored in student rooms over the summer.  Items WILL be disposed of if left behind; please check rooms/drawers carefully before leaving
    • Questions regarding dorm damage, must be directed to Dave Larrabee, Residential Facilities Auditor at 786-6205
    • Questions regarding storage may be directed to the Facility Services office at 786-6207 or 786-6211.  Hours are:  Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, with summer hours of
      7:00 am – 3:30 pm, beginning the day after Commencement and ending the day after Labor Day.