Student/Parent Most Often Asked Questions!

1)  Who Do I Call For Work Order/Trouble Calls:  7am – 4 pm, please direct these calls to Ext. 6449 (207-786-6449).  This is the Facility Services designated “work order line” for repairs/trouble calls i.e. broken locks, no heat, plugged toilets, broken shades, tripped breaker etc.  Students may feel free to call us directly (instead of asking a Custodian or an RC/JA to call for them), as we often have questions to ask, related to the issue.  If you need to leave a message, please leave your name, phone number, dorm/room number and a brief message stating the problem you are experiencing, please speak slowly.  For non emergency calls at night or on weekends, please leave a message.  For EMERGENCY CALLS that require immediate attention, please contact Security at 786-6254.  Note:  At the beginning of each school year, we leave a brightly colored card in dorm rooms with this information on it.   Please program numbers into your phones and SAVE THE CARD for easy referencing throughout the year.

2)  Dorm damage billing information:  please contact Dave Larrabee, Residential Facilities Auditor, directly at (207) 786-6205.  He will answer your questions regarding dorm damage, charges, and related billing questions.

3)  Phones/Internet/Computer Problems:  report any phone, internet or computer problems to 786-8222, the HELP DESK.

4)  Bedboards: these are distributed on a “first come first serve” basis, at a time to be announced once school is in session.  Note:  in fairness to all students, no bedboards are available prior to the official start up of the school year, even if you are allowed early arrival to campus.  For status of bedboards for second semester, please contact Dave Larrabee, Facilities Auditor, at 207-786-6205.

5)  Loft building permits:  please contact Jim Guzelian, Environmental Health and Safety Office in Human Resources at 786-6413, for a permit.  Even though you may choose to build your own loft, all beds and bed parts MUST remain in your room (you may not store items in the basement or anywhere other than in your room).  At the end of the semester or school year, you must remove the loft and there is no storage for it available on campus, off campus storage units ONLY.

6)  Cinder blocks/risers:  Facility Services does not have or provide cinder blocks and/or risers.  If you wish them for shelving or for under your bed etc., you would need to purchase them from a local lumberyard, Home Depot, Lowe’s etc.  Be sure to REMOVE them when you leave campus, however, or you will be charged a removal fee.

7)  Storage tags: are necessary for the 3 boxes/bags allowed to be placed in the designated storage areas in dorms/houses.  See the detailed storage information for storage areas on and off campus.  Tags are obtained at the Facility Services office at Cutten Maintenance Center, 147 Russell Street, anytime from 7am-4pm or 7am-3:30pm in the summer months.  Please plan ahead, so you may obtain them during our open hours.

8)  Refrigerators: (and other items you cannot store on campus) there is no storage available on campus for furniture, rugs, lumber, flammables, gasoline driven vehicles, or refrigerators of any size.  See off campus storage site information for storage of these items.

9)  Renting a fridge?  if you rented a refrigerator from NEW ENGLAND STUDENT SERVICES for the school year, your contract is with them, not Facility Services.   Please follow their guidelines for delivery in the fall and pickup in the spring.  You should contact them directly for their arrangement details at: or by calling them at  401-405-0920.

10)  Light bulbs:  need a replacement for your room’s overhead lightbulb, see the Custodian in your building to replace it for you.

11)  Packages/Mail all mail and packages are handled through the Package Area in Chase Hall.  Their number is 207-786-6098, should you have any questions regarding mailing or receiving of packages and letters, how to address/ship them etc.

12)  Lost luggage:  if you’ve recently flown and your luggage was lost, the airline will return it to the Facility Services Department.  Please see Ron McBride in the rear loading dock area of the Cutten Maintenance Center, between 7-3:00, to pick it up.  If you wish to call ahead to be sure it has arrived, please call 786-6208 directly.  Note:  On weekends, Security (786-6254) may have lost luggage left there by the airline.  On Monday, however, it will be transferred to Facility Services.

13)  FURNITURE REMOVAL NO FURNITURE is allowed to be removed from student roomsALL furniture MUST remain in student rooms, (with the exception of RC/JA’s ONLY!)  If furniture is found in storage areas, hallways, or other areas of the building, it will be removed and students will be charged a furniture replacement fee for each missing item, see Dorm Damage charges for item replacement costs.

14)  Guest mattresses:  having a guest stay over?  Mattresses may be “loaned” from the Facility Services office.  Please bring your Bates ID and take the mattress with you, we do not deliver.  You will be allowed to keep the mattress for up to 3 days and must return it by the appointed date.  DO NOT place the mattress in the hallway or anywhere else for pick up, as it is your responsibility to return it by the appropriate date, or your account will be charged a $20 “mattress loan” fee.  If the mattress needs to be replaced due to damage, the replacement cost is determined by Dave Larrabee, the Residential Facilities Auditor, Ext. 6205.

15)  Year end information:  Vacated rooms that are not left in Broom Clean condition will be assessed a $50 per person fine!  Extra brooms and vacuums will be available in the dorms for your use.  Please DO NOT leave items behind in your room for the next student occupying the room.  Be sure to check all drawers, closets etc. prior to moving out.  We clean rooms and dispose of items left behind when you vacate!!  There is no lost and found available.

16)  Summer storage:  on campus storage is always at your own risk.  We try to keep storage areas safe, however, accidents (broken water pipes and flooding) do occur.  See detailed storage information on the Facility Services web site and posted at each storage location within dorms/houses.  Each box/bag/tub placed in storage must have a current year storage tag securely affixed, the limit is 3 .  These tags are obtained only at Facility Services.  Note:  If you have left campus, but are allowing another student use of YOUR personal furniture, carpets etc., be sure they are removing the items from campus on your behalf, before THEY leave campus.  It is not our responsibility and fines will be assessed to you if left behind.  Lock your room when you leave it.
No storage is provided for graduating seniors and there is a one-year storage limitation for under class students.  If you are going abroad, please be sure the date of your return is on the storage tag.  If you plan to study abroad “JYA/JSA” and will need to store items while you are away, you MUST note the “JYA” or “JSA” on the Bates College storage tag, along with a return/claim date.  Storage areas are kept locked, see the Custodian in the building or call Security if after hours or on weekends.  Designated storage areas are the only on campus areas available to students for storing their belongings.  Student rental of an off campus storage facility, is the only other option.
Off Campus storage options are listed under the Facility Services Web Site – FOR STUDENTS.

17)  Unwanted items & trash disposal:  a) items left in storage areas that do not comply with the storage policy, such as furniture, carpets, lofts etc., will be removed and disposed of and a “removal and disposal” fee of $75.00 will be assessed!!  There are several off campus Self Storage Facility options in the area that students can rent from (see off campus storage info) b) at the end of the year, unwanted, reusable items may be donated to “Clean Sweep” by placing them in designated collection areas in all dorms/houses.   For donated furniture pick up, e-mail or call Julie Rosenbach directly at 786-8367.  c) a dumpster will be located behind Facility Services for disposal of large, bulky, unwanted items that cannot be donated to Clean Sweep.  NO hazardous materials such as TV’s or computers will be allowed in the dumpster – to recycle, call Jim Guzelian at 786-6413 or e-mail him at  d) cement blocks may be brought over and left behind Facility Services and stacked neatly in a designated area  e) any large items left behind in student rooms will be disposed of by Facility Services personnel and a “removal and disposal” feel of $75.00 will be assessed!!  It is your responsibility to double check closets and bureau drawers etc. for personal items prior to moving out/leaving campus, as items left behind in student rooms will be disposed of.  f) vacated student rooms that are not left in “broom clean” condition will be assessed a $50.00 per person fee.  Extra brooms and vacuums will be available in the dorms for your use.

18)  Key transactions:  contact the Access Control Office in Chase Hall Rm 140, or at 786-6379 for details on dates/times for key pick ups, returns, and ID information or on their Web site under Security.

19)  Bicycle storage:  available via card access at Rand and the Villages bike storage areas.  Only bicycles (nothing motorized) are allowed in these storage areas, storing at your own risk.

20) Spaces/Events/BBQ’s are reserved in EMS (Event Management System):  reserve your space or schedule your event with the Campus Events Scheduling Coordinator, at 207-786-6299, at least two days in advance.   This enables the request process to be followed and the proper people notified in advance of your events/requests.  It is best to include ALL of your requests (tables, chairs, BBQ grill etc.) at the time of your initial reservation, as last minute requests are not always possible to grant.  Please plan ahead!

21) Power out in your room:  please call the designated work order line at 207 786-6449, you have probably tripped a circuit breaker.  Please check to be sure you do not have too many items plugged in to the same outlet, or it may keep happening.  Some rooms share outlets with the adjoining room.

22) Hosting a prospective student:  students that agree to host a prospective student are given a mattress for the night of the hosting.  Either Athletics or the Admission office sends us a list with the hosting student’s name, dorm, and room # to deliver the hosting mattress to.  PLEASE leave this mattress in your room until it is picked back up by Facility Services, (usually the next day).
DO NOT LEAVE THE MATTRESS IN THE HALLWAY, as this is a fire hazard.

23) Lost and found:  there is no lost and found area at Facility Services (we do not accept lost phones, glasses, keys, wallets, clothing etc.).  If you’ve lost an item in a building on campus, please check with the custodian in that building, they may have placed a lost item in their closet for safekeeping, until claimed, though keys and wallets may have been taken to Security.
When moving out of your room, please be sure to check all dresser drawers, closets etc., as items left behind will be disposed of, when rooms are cleaned.

24) Entering a student’s room:  It is our responsibility to maintain our buildings.  If a work order has been called in, or we notice a problem in a student room, we respect a student’s privacy and unless it is an emergency, we do not enter student rooms prior to 9:30 am.  If you have reported a heating issue in your room, please be sure the path to the heater or baseboard is cleared and not blocked with furniture or personal items.  NEVER leave windows open and unlocked during winter heating months, especially over break times!  If your room is over heating, please call the work order line at 786-6449 to have the heat in your room checked out.

25) NO OPEN WINDOWS – we ask that WINDOWS NOT be opened or left opened during the winter heating months, especially over breaks.  Freezing temperatures can cause frozen pipes, which may cause considerable damage.  Note:  If your room is too hot or you cannot close/lock your window(s), please call the work order line at 207-786-6449 to report the problem and we will check it out for you.

Below is the link to the FAQ Reference Guide we place in student’s rooms each fall.  It is printed on brightly colored card stock and should be saved for easy reference during the school year.  If you’ve lost your copy, please re-print one for reference throughout the year.

2014-2015 FAQ Reference Guide