Tiffany M. Salter

Lecturer in English



Pettengill Hall, Room 202


Tiffany Salter joins Bates College as Visiting Assistant Professor and a newly minted doctor from The Ohio State University. For Bates, she has taught Asian American Women Writers and a course on pulp magazine genre fiction and film: sci-fi, gangster, hardboiled detective, and superhero. In Winter 2018, she will be teaching Fiction in the United States (ENG 241) and Modern Short Stories (ENG 121L). She is currently working on a book manuscript, Decolonizing Forms: Linguistic Practice, Experimentation, and U.S. Empire in Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature.

Teaching Interests

• Asian American and Pacific Islander literature
• Multi-ethnic literature
• American imperialism in Asia and the Pacific
• Experimental literature
• Poetry and genre forms
• Pulp and genre fiction
• SF
• Film and short-form animation