Fulbright 2017

On this page, you will find:  1. Link to Fulbright Online Portal;   2. Bates timeline (with link to Bates Fulbright Information Packet);   3. A table showing where Batesies are applying this year;   4. The Preliminary Form for you to fill out.


Make sure you put “Bates College” in as your home institution at box #25


Start Today: decide on your country and grant.  Send any questions to Robert.

Ongoing: read the BATES FULBRIGHT INFORMATION PACKET and send Robert early and ugly drafts of your Statement of Grant Purpose (SGP) and your Personal Statement (PS).  Complete the Fulbright Preliminary Form (BELOW — name and recommenders is the essential information).

**August 1**:
Bates campus deadline for full draft applications (online application with draft statements).

campus feedback interviews.

Oct. 6: final Fulbright deadline.


RUNNING TALLY OF CURRENT BATES APPLICATIONS (check relative competitiveness of your potential countries here)


Country  # ETA applicants # research etc. applicants
Argentina  1 1
Australia 1
Austria 1 (combined award)
Azerbaijan 1
Brazil 1  1
Bulgaria 2
Canada 1
Colombia 1
Czech Rep. 1
Denmark 1 (music composition)
Estonia 1
Finland 1 (ceramics)
Germany  2  2
Iceland 1
Japan 1
Jordan 1
Laos 1
Latvia 1
Malaysia 1
Netherlands 1 1 (NAF)
Norway  1 2
Oman 1
Palestine 1
Poland 1
Romania 1
Rwanda  1 1
South Africa 1  2
South Korea 1
Spain 7
Sri Lanka 2
Sweden  1
Switzerland 1
Taiwan  1
Thailand  2
United Kingdom  6



Fulbright Preliminary Form 2017

    Contact Robert Strong if you are having trouble deciding about this choice. Clicking one of these now does NOT lock you in to your choice.
  • Add a new row
  • Recommenders: For research (traditional letter): you want people who can speak to the quality and feasibility of your project, as well as your qualities as a positive representative of the United States. At least one should be from Bates and all should be scholars of some sort. For ETA (short recommendation form): you want people who can speak to the qualities as a potential teacher, as well as your qualities as a positive representative of the United States. At least one should be from Bates. For an ETA, a boss or coach can be in the mix.
  • For on-campus applicants only. This is typically one of your recommenders. They join the Bates Graduate Fellowships Committee for your Fulbright draft feedback session (interview) in September.
  • List all languages you have and your proficiency, even if it is only "Basic."
  • "Affiliation" will be described on your country summary page on the Fulbright website.


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