Student Health Insurance

Bates requires all students to have medical insurance.

To ensure that students have the required coverage, the college automatically enrolls and bills all eligible students for either the Bates College Student Health Insurance Plan or the International Insurance Plan. Students may waive coverage if existing insurance meets or exceeds the coverage provided under the Bates plan and coverage is available to the student while enrolled.

International students may not waive coverage unless they are insured under a U.S. plan.

The Bates College Student Health Insurance Plan becomes effective August 15, 2014, and ends August 14, 2015. The premium for domestic students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan for the policy year is $1,325. The premium for International students enrolled in the International Insurance Plan is $1,250.

Online Waiver Process

Before waiving coverage, carefully consider the out-of-pocket expenses your current policy would require if you need health care during the academic year. Also consider the availability of services if you are in a managed care program and the level of coverage provided for services such as prescription drugs, outpatient diagnostic treatment or laboratory testing.

To waive Bates Student Health Insurance coverage, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Garnet Gateway, select Student Financial Services from the tabs at the top of the page, then choose the third option under Billing & Student Accounts — Student Health Insurance Waiver.
  2. Enter the following information about your existing insurance policy: policyholder name, insurance company and policy number.
  3. When you have submitted the online waiver form, you will receive a confirmation number as documentation that the form has been submitted.

Be sure to have your current health insurance card with you before you start the waiver process. In order to waive the insurance, you will need to know the name of your current insurance company, the policy number and the policy holder name. The online waiver system opens in May, 2014 and closes on September 30, 2014.

The deadline for waiving coverage is September 30, 2014. For students enrolling in the Winter Term, the deadline to waive coverage is January 31, 2015. No waivers will be accepted beyond either of these deadlines.

Please note that students are the only individuals who can waive coverage online through the Garnet Gateway.

Students and parents can contact Cross Insurance Agency at 207-783-3852 for more information concerning policy coverage.