Rice-DeFosse, Mary T.

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Mary Rice-DeFosse, Ph.D Yale University

Mary Rice-DeFosse is Professor of French and Francophone Studies. She also teaches in the programs in Women and Gender Studies, African American Studies and American Cultural Studies. She did her doctoral work at Yale University and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. She specializes in French literature of the nineteenth century, revolution, and social change and has published on George Sand, Flora Tristan, Marie d’Agoult, Charles Nodier and Gustave Flaubert. She was a co-editor for the nineteenth-century for A Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature and co-edited a special volume of Women in French Studies, Écriture Courante, with Cathy Yandell. She is a past President of Women in French, an international professional organization, allied to the Modern Language Association, that supports research on women writers of French expression and serves on the editorial board of Women in French Studies. She is currently researching the writing of the poet Louise Colet.

Professor Rice-DeFosse also specializes in the history, literature and culture of the local French-speakers and their descendants. She recently completed a documentary, Les Soeurs Grises/ The Grey Nuns: Elles sont venues, elles ont servi/They Came, They Served, which features oral history interviews with local community members by Bates students and interns. This research on the interactions between the Sisters of Charity and the community they served was funded by the Harward Center. The video documentary is a central part of a permanent exhibit of the same title at the Franco-American Heritage Center in Lewiston, a collaborative effort of Professor Rice-DeFosse, Annette Bourque of St. Mary’s Health System, and Rita Dube of the Center and made possible by a major grant from the Maine Humanities Council.

Professor Rice-DeFosse’s complete curriculum vitae: RiceDeFosseCV2012

Teaching (course selection)

  • AC/Fre240I “French in Maine”
  • Fre374 “Écrire la Révolution: French Literature in the Nineteenth Century”
  • Fre376 “Femmes, Écrivaines”
  • Fre378 “Voix Francophone des Antilles”
  • FreS36: “The Evolution of the French Cinema”

Recent Theses mentored (selection)

  • “Paris: La Ville du désir” (2012)
  • “La Présence n’est plus silencieuse: l’héritage franco-américain” (2012)
  • “L’importance des mots: Les Mots pour le dire de Marie Cardinal” (2012)
  • “Le Hijab: contre la loi ou droit personnel” (2012)
  • “Le Mariage dans deux romans champêtres de George Sand” (2012)
  • “Les images des Françaises sous l’Occupation Nazie” (2010)
  • “Les Émeutes de 2005: inclusion et exclusion” (2009)
  • “Trouver l’étrangeté et l’identité à travers les frontières culturelles” (2010)
  • L’amant et Hiroshima, mon amour: les thèmes de la fluidité, de l’isolement et de l’anonymat dans deux œuvres de Marguerite Duras” (2008)
  • “Les Elections Présidentielles en France et aux Etats Unis: Une étude comparative” (2008)
  • “L’Artiste moderne et le concept du Flâneur”(2008)
  • “La Rétention des traditions franco-américaines à travers les générations” (2009)
  • “Une Evolution dans l’identité franco-américaine: Perspectives des Franco-Américaines dans le Maine” (2009)

Publications (selection)

“Masculin/Féminin: Daniel Stern’s Histoire de la Révolution de 1848,” L’Esprit Créateur 29 (1989): 84-91.

Editor with Juliette Parnell-Smith, Nineteenth Century. A Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature.  General Editor Eva Sartori.  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999.  Author, “compagnonnage,” “Revolution of 1848,”   “roman champêtre,” “romanticism,” “Tristan, Flora.”

“Resistance and Resilience in Wednesday’s Child: The Franco-American Memoir of a Maine Woman,” The River Review/La Revue Rivière 3 (1999): 115-25.

“Artists at Work: Women Crafting Fictions in Sand’s Day,” Women in French Studies (2003):  85-92.

Editor with Cathy Yandell.  Écriture Courante:Critical Perspectives on French and Francophone Women in Honor of Annabelle M. Rea.  Women in French Studies, spec. vol.  (2005).

Le Péché de Monsieur Antoine et la paradis retrouvé,” Fleurs et Jardins dans l’oeuvre de George Sand,” Clermont-Ferrand: Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, 2006.  133-40.

“Cultures in Contact: ‘Peasant’ and ‘French’ in George Sand’s Le Meunier d’Angibault.”  George Sand/Intertextualité et Polyphonie II:  Voix, Image, Texte.   Eds. Nigel Harkness and Jacinta Wright.  Bern:  Peter Lang, 2010.  245-57.

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