A beautiful cycle

Thank you to the alumni, parents and friends who made gifts in support of this year’s Bates Fund. To date, we have received more than $15 million.

These gifts reflect our continued commitment to what one students calls “the beautiful cycle.” Please take a moment to watch this video and see for yourself what Bates Fund gifts make possible every day.

Stay tuned — more on this year’s Bates Fund coming soon.

  • "I give to Bates to preserve the opportunities I had as a student — opportunities that helped shape who I have become since graduation."
    - Emily Sampson '09, New Hampton, N.H.
    "The best classroom experiences aren't lectures — it's getting students out in the field. All the research I've done at Bates has been in collaboration with students."
    - Mike Retelle, geology
    "I have fallen in love with the close-knit community among professors, students and staff here at Bates."
    - Sohee Ki '16, Irvine, Calif.
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