What is the Bates Fund?

Think of it as the college’s “checking account.”

The funds raised each year to pay for the college’s immediate expenses, such as academic resources, financial aid, library expenses, and even something as simple as the electricity! The Bates Fund is not the same as the endowment which is more like a “savings account” for the college.

A robust Bates Fund influences prospective Bates students. Strong alumni, parent and student support will show prospective students and the incoming first-years that we care about the college’s future.

A robust Bates Fund leverages foundation and grant support. Because grant-making institutions look at alumni participation as a measure of satisfaction with Bates, higher participation helps Bates compete for grant dollars.

A robust Bates Fund preserves the value of your Bates education. By ensuring that current students have the same great opportunities that you had, Bates will remain an elite and desirable institution.

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