After Bates

This page will contain info about students who are majoring in geology, and some of the projects they are working on.

Below is a list of current seniors who are geology majors: (their names are clickable text; click on them to get to their thesis abstracts, although some of them may not have submitted their thesis abstracts to me yet, and so their pages will not contain any text).

  • Andersen, Lindsay
  • Anton, Christopher
  • Asadoorian, Derek
  • Constantine, Walter (Ted)
  • Danielson, Kurt
  • Engelman, Matthew
  • Gurdak, Jason
  • Keith, Christopher
  • Leach, Timothy
  • Levin, Janna
  • Pereira, Jonathan
  • Schuler, Bettina
  • Voisin, Daniel
  • Weymouth, Thomas (Sandy)

Below is a list of current juniors who are geology majors: * This list may be incomplete and therefore open to editing.

  • Apfelbaum, Michael
  • Babineau-Z, Chelan
  • Beeson, Peter
  • Berliner, Nicholas
  • Bettencourt, Timothy
  • Erlingsson, Eric
  • Fortney, Steven
  • Gagne, Brian
  • Heller, Paige
  • Morse, Bradford
  • Osbourne, Katherine
  • Patridge, Whitford
  • Rodgers, Signe
  • Tilney, Peter
  • Wellehan, Daniel
  • Zimmerman, Wendy

Note: Some of the above may be partial Biology majors, but are affiliated with Geology enough (e.g. as Interdisciplinary or Double majors) so that they appear here as Geology majors.

Below is a tentative list of current sophomores who have already declared their major as geology, or who are going to be but just haven’t declared as of yet:

  • Brown, Frederick (Rick)
  • Cannefield, Sasannah
  • Cannon, Sarah
  • Hershberger, Jeffrey
  • Potter, Bryce
  • Shyloski, Gregory
  • Taggart, Zachary