Alice Doughty


Alice M. Doughty



Visiting Assistant Professor

Carnegie Science Hall, Room 202

Alice infers past climate by modeling glacier change through time.  She measured glacier melt and flow in the New Zealand Southern Alps, and assisted in developing moraine chronologies in New Zealand and Uganda covering the past 120,000 years.  Her current research investigates the how cold the last ice age was in Uganda, where glaciers still exist today despite being on the Equator!  If you love geology and trying to solve some of the biggest questions in Earth Science, stop by Alice’s office for a chat.

Alice will be teaching Plate Tectonics and Tectonic Hazards (Geo104), Environmental Change (Geo103), and Lost Beaches of Maine (Short Term).  These courses combine qualitative and quantitative observations of geologic processes and features through field, laboratory, and computational opportunities.