Academic program

Russian Major Requirements for the Class of 2015. A major in Russian is available only for the Class of 2015. The department expects students majoring in Russian to have a broad exposure to Russian language and culture and strongly encourages majors to spend some portion of an academic year in Russia by the end of the junior year.

To fulfill the major in Russian, students complete any ten courses. EUS 248 and PLTC 232 may be counted toward the major. Students may petition to have appropriate Short Term course(s) count toward the major.

Students for whom Russian is the only major must complete a thesis, RUSS 457 or 458, which may count as one of the ten courses. Students may choose to pass a comprehensive examination based on their course work when Russian is one of two majors and they complete a thesis in the other major.

Pass/Fail Grading Option. Pass/fail grading may not be elected for courses applied toward the major or minor, except for 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, and 302.

Minor in Russian. A minor requires a minimum of seven courses in Russian. At least one of the seven courses must involve a study of literature or culture (taught either in the language or in translation), but only one course in translation may be counted toward the minor. A student may petition to have up to three comparable courses, completed at other institutions either in the United States or abroad, apply toward the minor. Advanced Placement courses may not be applied toward the minor.