Named Scholars Program

With a gift of $5,000 to the Bates Fund, you can create a Named Scholarship: a need-based scholarship grant, in your name or the name of a loved one, to a Bates student.

  • Your gift provides need-based scholarship assistance, in your name or the name of a loved one, for a student in the current academic year.
  • You will receive an activity report about your scholarship recipient.
  • Donors typically receive correspondence from their Named Scholar and often have the opportunity to meet their student at a campus event.
  • Your gift of a Named Scholar grants you membership in the Mount David Society, the special organization of Bates Fund leadership donors.

Meet some of our Named Scholar donors and their recipients:

Jennifer & Danielle


Jennifer Guckel Porter ’88
Trustee, Belmont, Mass.
Ellis W. Cole Scholarship

“I want current students to have the same opportunities that I had. I want them to stretch themselves and grow, and I want them to understand the lifelong connection to Bates. Bates is a very special, rigorous and engaging community. Any student who has the ability to contribute to this community should have the chance to do so, regardless of financial circumstances.”


Danielle Munoz ’15
Bedford, New Hampshire

“The student body and faculty at Bates have made me feel welcome and capable of achieving great things. Thanks to Named Scholars, I will leave Bates with a phenomenal education, little debt and a bright future.”

Geri & Graeme


Geri FitzGerald ’75
Trustee, New York, NY.
Donson E. FitzGerald and Elizabeth Parke FitzGerald Scholar

“While I graduated in 1975, I think of myself as a citizen of all generations at Bates. Named Scholars and the one-to-one relationship between donor and student connect me to the college now and across the decades. We all think about legacy. Helping today’s students have the opportunity to explore their potential and building a meaningful life is mine.”

graeme_weldsGraeme Welds ’15
Kingston, Jamaica

“It’s difficult to quantify the impact of financial aid for me because, in a sense, it’s everything. The fact that I’m here; that I experienced snow for the first time; that I get to take classes with amazing professors; that I studied abroad — it’s all made possible by the scholarship. It’s defined my Bates experience just by allowing it to happen.”

Gretchen, Jerry & Ben


Gretchen and Charles “Jerry” Davis ’61
Alumni Council, Topsham, Maine
Charles G. Davis ’61 and Gretchen Shorter Davis ’61 Scholar

“We believe strongly in the power of a Bates education and have supported the college financially since graduating in 1961. Names Scholars lets us contribute to the educational mission of the college by ensuring that any talented student has the opportunity to come to Bates. In turn, we hope our students make the most of all Bates has to offer and discover the importance of giving back to this wonderful community.”

Ben Claeson ’15
Bangor, ME

“As a student from Maine, I feel fortunate to be able to attend such an academically excellent school while remaining close to family. Bates’ welcoming spirit and extracurricular opportunities like the Brooks Quimby Debate Council have given me the confidence to fully participate in the intellectual community here.”