Honorary Gifts

Bates is deeply grateful to donors, whose gifts in honor of others reflect our community's rich and cherished human connections. The honor roll recognizes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, friends, corporations and foundations who made gifts to Bates from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

In Honor of Marion R. Anderson
  1. Christopher C. Young '82
In Honor of Rachel N. Austin
  1. Hilary L. Ginsburg '09
In Honor of Pamela Decker Baker '70
  1. A. Clayton Spencer
  2. Lee H. Abrahamsen
  3. Philip J. Alexakos '94 and Elizabeth Palmer Alexakos '95
  4. Gregory J. Anderson
  5. Ronald E. Barry Jr.
  6. Robert M. Chute
  7. Jordan L. Cocchiaro '00
  8. Joanne Fennessey Cole '77 and John R. Cole
  9. Loring M. Danforth
  10. Donald C. Dearborn
  11. Lavina Dhingra
  12. Carol J. Dilley
  13. Trevor B. Emory '00 and Maria Sparks Emory '02
  14. Frank Glazer D.F.A.'11
  15. Edward B. Goldin '95
  16. Rebecca M. Herzig
  17. Kimberly C. Howland '94
  18. Margaret A. Imber
  19. Jill N. Reich
  20. Todd A. Kahan and Katherine M. Mathis
  21. Emily W. Kane
  22. Jakub J. Kazecki
  23. John E. Kelsey
  24. Sharon Kinsman
  25. Nancy W. Kleckner
  26. Carolyn E. Lawson
  27. Kathryn G. Low
  28. William H. Low
  29. Kevin A. McHugh
  30. Mary Meserve
  31. Matthew L. Johnson and Lillian R. Nayder P'10
  32. Georgia N. Nigro
  33. Karen A. Palin
  34. Joseph G. Pelliccia
  35. Erica Rand
  36. George A. Ruff
  37. Sarah Risley Pearson '75
  38. Diane C. Saunders '11
  39. Ann B. Scott
  40. Mark D. Semon
  41. Bonnie J. Shulman
  42. Carl B. Straub
  43. Sawyer F. Sylvester Jr.
  44. Sheila Sylvester
  45. Thomas F. Tracy
  46. Katalin Vecsey
In Honor of Amelia Haas Baker '03
  1. Douglas E. Haas and Judith C. Haas P'03
In Honor of Caroline E. Barr '11
  1. Joseph S. Barr Jr. P'11
In Honor of Anthony J. Begon '08
  1. Ross Delbert Van Horn '08
In Honor of Michael S. Bernstein '14
  1. Martha J. Olson P'14
In Honor of David A. Born '13
  1. Alex M. Agnew
In Honor of Kate E. Brown '08
  1. Elizabeth F. Denver '08
In Honor of Emma Brown-Bernstein '09
  1. Alison R. Bernstein P'09
In Honor of Marcus C. Bruce '77
  1. Steven K. Dosh '78
In Honor of Sheldon L. Bumps and Dianne H. Bumps P'95, P'97
  1. Heather S. Bumps '97
In Honor of Ann E. Bushmiller '79, P'17
  1. Nancy Witherell '77
In Honor of James F. Callahan Jr. '65
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of Lexie M. Carter '14
  1. Daniel W. Carter and Julie A. Carter P'14
In Honor of Peter H. Casares
  1. Douglas H. Brown and Susan F. Brown P'13
  2. Paul H. Buehler and Margot L. Buehler P'13
  3. Steven M. Burke '81 and Kathleen Tucker Burke '81, P'13, P'14
  4. Edward A. Charlebois and Julie A. Hanley P'13
  5. James P. Johns and Jean M. Johns P'13
  6. James A. Karlson and Cherry C. Karlson P'13
  7. Frank C. Sparks and Michelle S. Sparks P'05, P'13
  8. Robert A. Weaver
  9. Douglas A. Zingale and Frances F. Zingale P'13
In Honor of Greer A. Chapman '13
  1. Stephen G. Chapman and Jeri L. Chapman P'13
In Honor of Lianna C. Cohen '13
  1. William J. Cohen and Susan L. Cohen P'13
In Honor of John R. Cole
  1. Derek D. Anderson '85
In Honor of Loring M. Danforth
  1. Carine Warsawski '07
In Honor of Raymond H. Danforth '66 and Hildreth Spooner Danforth '67
  1. Joseph Grube '73 and Sally Danforth Grube '75
In Honor of Jake C. Davis '13
  1. Mary Howe Davis and Palmer Davis Family Fund
In Honor of Roland S. Davis '92
  1. Anthony J. Begon '08
In Honor of John E. Deamer '85
  1. Elissa A. Bass '85
In Honor of Carol J. Dilley
  1. Frank B. Dilley
In Honor of Francesco G. Duina
  1. Mark H. Osborne '06
In Honor of Albert M. Fereshetian Jr.
  1. Laurance D. Pless and Dana H. Halberg P'13
In Honor of Leah Wiedmann Gailey '97
  1. Christina Wellington Traister '94
In Honor of Peter E. Geiger
  1. Elizabeth Marchand
  2. Mary E. Morris
In Honor of Carmen T. Gomez '06
  1. Teresa R. Scott P'06
In Honor of Marsha A. Graef
  1. Adrienne R. Shibles '91
In Honor of Holly L. Gurney
  1. Steven G. Lee and Giovanna C. Lee P'15
  2. Rachel A. Warner '08
In Honor of Sarah Walsh Hall '91
  1. Elizabeth Little Walsh P'91, P'96
In Honor of Lawrence J. Handerhan '05
  1. Caitlin Goggin Hurley '05
In Honor of David C. Harkins '53, GP'10
  1. Julie R. Harkins
  2. Susan Peillet Yule '78
In Honor of Mark S. Harriman
  1. Roy F. Lockhart Jr. '76, P'10
In Honor of Burton M. Harris '59, P'89, GP'16
  1. Wendy Harris Garber '89
In Honor of Kathleen Kirschbaum Harvie '53, P'83
  1. Lisa Harvie McIlwain '83
In Honor of John H. Harwood II '13
  1. Laura Hutchinson Whitmore '85
In Honor of Rebecca M. Herzig
  1. Carine Warsawski '07
In Honor of Shaun J. Higginson '05
  1. Theodora W. Hooton GP'05
In Honor of Jennie Walsh Hill '96
  1. Elizabeth Little Walsh P'91, P'96
In Honor of William C. Hiss '66, P'15, P'16
  1. Ashley A. Parker-Snider '86
  2. Joan G. Fischer HC'66, P'09
  3. Tobin F. White '94
In Honor of Charlotte A. Hoffmann '04
  1. Bonnie A. Beckett P'04
In Honor of Joseph F. Hunt III P'92
  1. Burton M. Harris '59 and Shirley D. Harris P'89, GP'16
In Honor of Leon H. Hurwitz '65
  1. Louis S. Metzger and Margaret B. Metzger P'06, P'14
In Honor of Emily W. Kane
  1. Jason D. Buxbaum '08
In Honor of Jonathan J. Kelley '04 and Catherine Hinckley Kelley '04
  1. Stephen W. Kelley and Catherine K. Kelley P'04
In Honor of John E. Kelsey
  1. Robin L. Bitner '95
  2. William A. Carlezon Jr. '86
  3. Louis O. Douglass and Amy B. Douglass
  4. Lisa M. Genova '92
  5. Nicole A. Langelier '05
  6. Kathryn G. Low
  7. Michael Sargent
  8. Helena S. Turner '10
  9. Ellen Johnson Willmore '96
In Honor of Marsha C. Larned '07
  1. John W. Larned and Cynthia Riley Larned P'07, P'09
In Honor of John J. Larned '09
  1. John W. Larned and Cynthia Riley Larned P'07, P'09
In Honor of Joshua A. Levitt '13
  1. Richard W. Levitt and Beverly R. Silver P'13
In Honor of John H. Livens Jr. '93
  1. Harweb Foundation
In Honor of William H. Low
  1. Susan F. Beegel
In Honor of Margaret Maurer-Fazio
  1. Edwin H. Shafer Jr. and Cannie C. Shafer P'13
In Honor of Mary Leckemby Merrill '52, P'78
  1. David L. Merrill
In Honor of Marisa T. Mohrer '13
  1. Peter L. Mohrer and Christina M. Giebisch-Mohrer P'13
In Honor of Dana M. Mulholland
  1. Timothy M. Lyne '83, P'14
In Honor of Ernest P. Muller HC'56, P'71
  1. Nora V. Demleitner '89
In Honor of James P. Murphy '69
  1. Andrew Nichols III '69
In Honor of Sean P. O'Brien '11
  1. Matthew R. Ohlheiser '11
In Honor of Michael J. O'Shea
  1. Kendall B. Smith '55, P'90
  2. Linda Gramatky Smith '64, P'90
In Honor of Thomas H. Pariser '82
  1. Robert T. Ruggles and Francine P. Ruggles P'83
In Honor of David W. Parmelee '64, P'94, P'04
  1. Rosalyn A. Hines
In Honor of Eliza W. Perry '13
  1. Richard J. Perry and Elaine M. Carlson P'13
In Honor of Edward S. Porter P'15
  1. Commonwealth Cares Fund
In Honor of Julia T. Rabin '15
  1. David I. Rabin P'15
In Honor of James L. Reese
  1. Anthony J. Begon '08
  2. Pranav R. Ghai '93
  3. Sarah McGill Davis '10
In Honor of Jill N. Reich
  1. Charles V. Carnegie
In Honor of Jessica C. Ricker '07
  1. Barbara Wright Hale P'07
In Honor of Monica N. Rodriguez '12
  1. Deborah S. Mack '12
In Honor of Helen Odegaard Russell '49, P'73, GP'09
  1. Kimberly Russell Tompson '09
In Honor of Bradley A. Rutkin '17
  1. Alan S. Rutkin and Maura E. Kates P'17
In Honor of Diane C. Saunders '11
  1. Joseph S. Barr Jr. P'11
In Honor of Blake B. Shafer '13
  1. Edwin H. Shafer Jr. and Cannie C. Shafer P'13
In Honor of Natalie L. Shribman '14
  1. David M. Shribman and Cynthia L. Skrzycki P'14
In Honor of Trevor J. Smith '13
  1. Vaughn F. Smith and Debra J. Smith P'13
In Honor of Martha Webb Snow '63
  1. Alfonse P. Squitieri '62
In Honor of A. Clayton Spencer
  1. Ronald W. Ashkenasy
  2. Robert B. Cashion
  3. Debbie Johnston Charitable Gift Fund
  4. Gary Gluckow and Michelle Gluckow P'16
  5. Mary Beth Ladow
  6. Lars K. Madsen
  7. John Malia
  8. Paul Neely
  9. Russell B. Pyne P'13
  10. James J. Savage
  11. Thomas F. Schneider
  12. Ann B. Scott
  13. Jill Shay
In Honor of Adriane R. Spiro '16
  1. Philip M. Spiro and Linda L. Raftery P'16
In Honor of Lois Stuber Spitzer '55
  1. Robert G. Prunier '90 and Bethany Theresa Prunier '90
In Honor of John A. Sturgis '53 and Barbara Earl Sturgis '53
  1. Douglas S. Sturgis
In Honor of Jeffrey D. Sturgis '69, P'93
  1. Jonathan R. Coppeta '93 and Jodi Sturgis Coppeta '93
In Honor of Robert P. Takacs P'92
  1. Jennifer Takacs Fleming '92
In Honor of Charles J. Thaxton '12
  1. Steven P. Thaxton and Jody S. Thaxton P'12
In Honor of Quoc K. Tran '95
  1. Barbara Sullivan
In Honor of Vonetta M. Trotter '13
  1. Hideko Horiguchi P'13
In Honor of Caroline H. Watson '13
  1. Samuel Watson and Jennifer Watson P'13
In Honor of Alfred C. Webber '28
  1. Stephen B. White and Marcia Davis White P'09
In Honor of Daryle H. Weiss
  1. Andrew F. Scichilone '12
In Honor of Sadie L. White '09, HC'28
  1. Stephen B. White and Marcia Davis White P'09
In Honor of Katharine P. Wick '16
  1. Susan Coe Brown
In Honor of Richard C. Williamson P'05
  1. Whitney Baldwin Warren '06
In Honor of Wayne V. Zimmerman
  1. Cambridge Focus, Inc.
In Honor of Fred Ridlin
  1. Dennis J. Connelly '87
In Honor of All of the Bates staff for helping the Bates students to become the critical thinkers of the future.
  1. Sharron D. Moore-Edwards P'15
In Honor of Class of 2011
  1. August M. Felix '11
In Honor of The Bates staff who went above & beyond for the inauguration weekend.
  1. Ellen Spencer Henschen
In Honor of Entire faculty and staff of Bates College
  1. Paul D. Murphy '88
In Honor of All the young people, in all the world.
  1. Lynne P. Das P'16
In Honor of Bob the Bobcat
  1. Alexander Sull '10
In Honor of My colleagues in the Advancement Office
  1. Alli Lambert
In Honor of 20th Reunion
  1. Pranav R. Ghai '93
In Honor of College Republican Club
  1. Gustave A. Clausen GP'13
In Honor of My mother, Nancy Braitmayer, who turns 80 this Spring.
  1. Eric A. Braitmayer '88
In Honor of the Baseball program's career stolen bases record holder
  1. Patrick J. Murphy '11