Senior Gift

The Senior Gift program serves as an opportunity for the Class of 2019 to make its first philanthropic mark on the college. Senior Gift stresses the importance of joining the Bates alumni family in giving back to the college, and supporting its current projects and student activities. It is a chance for the class to come together before graduation to show its appreciation for Bates.

This year’s goals are to raise $6,000 with 93% class participation, which will be the highest Senior Gift participation in Bates’ history!

Make a Gift!

+Senior Gift Co-Chair Responsibilities

The application period for the 2019 Senior Gift co-chair position is now closed.

Click here to view the full position description.

Submit your resume and application to Carly Hopkins at

+Senior Gift Committee Responsibilities

Committee Members must:

  • Be enthusiastic about the Senior Gift campaign and encourage classmates to make a gift to the Bates Fund.
  • Attend monthly committee meetings and all Senior Gift events. 
  • Solicit classmates directly and by staffing gift tables in Commons and at events.
  • Contribute to advertising efforts.
  • Lead by example and make a donation to the Senior Gift!

The average time commitment for a Senior Gift member is about 2 to 4 hours per month. The time commitment may be slightly higher during short term as your class tries to achieve its participation goal.

Being a member of the Senior Gift Committee will give you invaluable experience as a fundraiser with skills that are transferable to a wide variety of professions. In addition to gaining fundraising experience, you will also to meet some of Bates’ most distinguished alumni and senior staff members during exclusive networking opportunities.

To join the committee, email Carly Hopkins at 

+2019 Members

  • Erika Lamere ’19, co-chair
  • Elizah Laurenceau ’19, co-chair
  • Taylor Lough ’19, co-chair
  • Anika Becker ’19, vice chair
  • Molly Brooks ’19, vice chair
  • Matthew Puckace ’19, vice chair
  • McLeod Abbott ’19
  • Katie Allard ’19
  • Caroline Barnes ’19
  • Olivia Bell ’19
  • Eli Cooper ’19
  • Duane Davis ’19
  • Amanda Engelbrekt ’19
  • Constantine Gregoire ’19
  • Whitney Hadden ’19
  • Claire Hammer ’19
  • Charles Harker ’19
  • Linda Herlihy ’19
  • Anna Jarnryd ’19
  • Seamus Kelley ’19
  • Angie Kemfack ’19
  • Adah Lindquist ’19
  • Duncan MacGregor ’19
  • Irene Mapfunde ’19
  • Shelbie McCormack ’19
  • Benjamin Nussbaum ’19
  • Emma Patterson ’19
  • Hannah Romney ’19
  • Jack Ryan ’19
  • Cael Schwartz ’19
  • Myles Smith ’19
  • Eliza Statile ’19
  • George Steckel ’19
  • Audrey Vivas ’19
  • Ian Wax ’19
  • Aliza White ’19
  • Ethan Winglass ’19 


Please contact Carly Hopkins at or 207-786-6239 with questions.