Site Visit Report Template

Bates College Barlow Endowment for Study Abroad Potential Items for Faculty Travel Grant Reports

Recipients of Barlow Faculty Travel Grants provide a written report to the Off-Campus Study Office on each program or university visited. The entries below are intended to help identify items of interest for site visits and to help structure the report. Each site visit will vary because of the tremendous range of study abroad entities – from small American student-only programs to enrollment at large universities – and because of variations in the nature of the visit. The format and list of categories are suggestions only. Variations or alternatives are fine.

Basic Data

Name of Faculty Member
Program/university visited, key program/university contact information
Date(s) of visit

Academic Program

Program/university size (for universities, approximate total enrollment & number Americans) Structure of most classes: (1) seminar, discussion, large lecture, etc. (2) Separate or integrated with local students Faculty and staff members met; observations on the quality of these individuals, educational backgrounds, turnover rates, attitude toward study abroad students and accessibility to students Nature of academic program, is it a thematic program, are there areas of greater focus Classes observed, comments on these classes, including student/faculty interaction, liveliness Nature and adequacy of the facilities used as classroom and other program space Overall sense of the program and the types of Bates students for whom it is most and least appropriate. Are there specific features or activities that enhance the academic program – internships, family stays, other cultural immersion experiences? Does the program appear to provide a reasonable level of academic rigor?

Living Arrangements

What are the housing and meal options for students? Where is the housing located in relation to the program/university and city center? How do students like or dislike their housing? Your assessment of the student housing – safety, location, interaction with host students/families?


What is the program location in relation to the host city What is the housing location in relation to the program and host city? What is your assessment of the host city of the program? Please comment on its general ambiance, safety, attractive features, general activity level for college students, special features.


How well does the program appear to be managed? Does the program/study abroad office appear responsive to student needs? Are there resources for students of color and disabled students? Is the staff “permanent” or turnover frequently


What is your overall assessment of this study abroad opportunity based on your observations, your meetings, classes attended, and discussions with faculty and students?