2018 Off-Campus Short Term Courses


BIO s13:  Health and Medicine at Home and Abroad.    This course provides a unique opportunity to study healthcare and concepts of health and illness in two different cultural settings, here at home in Maine and abroad in Spain. We will spend the first two weeks at Bates learning about the epidemiology and biological basis of some of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in both the US and Spain through readings, discussions, interviews with healthcare providers, and visits to healthcare facilities. Then we travel to Teruel, Spain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountainous Aragon region, where students will spend two weeks embedded with Spanish medical students, shadowing healthcare providers in different specialties at the Hospital Obispo Polanco. We return to Bates for the last week of short term. This experience will allow us to compare and appreciate the influence and importance of culture and community on the interplay of health and disease.
Instructor: Karen Palin, Department of Biology
Maximum Enrollment: 12 students with instructor permission and application interview. No language background required.  Recommended pre-requisite: biology or chemistry course or an FYS with biology or chemistry content.
Approximate Dates Off Campus: May 5 – 20
Anticipated Extra Cost: $3660
Information Sessions: TBA

ENG s43: Shakespeare in the Theater.   Consider living two weeks on campus intensely reading Shakespeare and viewing videos, tracing literary allusions, contrasting historical contexts and modern performance, preparing for an assault on London repertoire-theater. The next amazing three weeks transport us to London, living in a Bloomsbury hotel, taking day and night excursions to and from Oxford, Stratford, and Warwick, viewing Shakespearean and non-Shakespearean plays, visiting museums, attending theater workshops, concerts, exhibitions, and markets. As our hotel is five minutes from the British Museum, the grand court of that museum becomes our daily classroom.  Each student delivers a presentation, writes papers, and absorbs a large portion of the British theatrical world during this stay. We ride the London Underground, actively seek out historical museums (Soane, National Gallery, The Tate), galleries, films, and period concerts. Each student will likely attend at least thirteen performances, visit six museums, amateurishly learn to perform Shakespeare, hear at least one concert, visit Warwick Castle, and relax at least once in an English pub. This is one charged experience.
Instructor:  Sanford Freedman, Department of English
Maximum Enrollment: 15 students with instructor permission and application interview.  Open to all students.
Approximate Dates Off Campus: May 5 – May 26
Anticipated Extra Cost: $4092.
Information sessions: Friday, January 12, 4:15 pm, Hathorn 100.


INDS s24:  Shetland Islands: Archaeology, History and Environment.  This course will be an multidisciplinary introduction to the Shetland Islands as a unique, northern, maritime world with cultural roots in both Scotland and Norway, and a place where the traditional economic activities of fishing and sheep farming face modern challenges.  In the first week students will be introduced to general archaeology and Scottish history in several classes on campus. Then we will fly to the Shetland Islands, Scotland’s northernmost county, where we will excavate a well-preserved farmstead from the 1500-1600s C.E., a settlement that was abandoned in an environmental catastrophe that may have been triggered by climate change.  Cross-listed in CMS, ES, and History.
Instructor:  Gerald Bigelow, Department of History
Maximum Enrollment: 10 students with instructor permission.  Open to all students.
Approximate Dates Off Campus: April 27 – May 23.
Anticipated Extra Cost: $3380
Information Sessions: Thursday, January 11, 4:15 pm, P’gill G54.


INDS s33: Brazil in Watercolor: Sexuality Politics in the Tropics.  This course analyzes the relationship between protest and policy through an exploration of sexuality movements and institutional responses to advocacy. First, we investigate the historical and social bases for intersectional sexual identity politics in Brazil. Then, we ground our course and field experiences in sexuality movements that have emerged to champion the struggles of marginalized lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans identities. We meet with prominent social movement activists and nongovernmental organizations that promote LGBT rights and citizenship. Finally, we evaluate institutional responses – both successes and failures – to movement advocacy through field visits to participatory councils and policy machinery for LGBTs. Our course takes us to three major centers of LGBT activism in Brazil: Salvador da Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. In each, we practice ethnographic field methods and experiential and embodied learning with members of marginalized communities.  Cross-listed in PLTC, GSS, and LAS.
Instructor: Jacob Longaker, Department of Politics
Maximum enrollment: 12 students with instructor permission and application interview.  Open to all students; no language background required.
Approximate Dates Off Campus: April 29 to May 23.
Anticipated Extra Cost: $4500
Information Sessions: Thursday, January 11, 4:15 pm, P’gill G50


AS/RE s26The Buddhist Himalaya.   In this experiential course, students will learn firsthand about the influence of Buddhist religious traditions in Himalayan cultural regions during 4 weeks of travel in urban and rural Ladakh, India. Students will conduct ethnographic fieldwork relating to modern Buddhist practice, and will also examine these practices from historical, archaeological, and literary perspectives. Daily readings and class meetings will be interspersed other activities as we observe rituals, interview practitioners, and participate in the daily life of the Buddhist community.
Instructor: Alison Melnick, Department of Religious Studies
Maximum Enrollment: 12 students with instructor permission and application interview. Open to all students.
Approximate Dates Off Campus: April 25 – May 23
Anticipated Extra Cost: $3800
Information Sessions: TBA