Sources of External Grant Support

The Office of External Grants assists faculty and staff in the identification of grant opportunities to match their funding needs. OEG provides access to a variety of online resources and search engines, including the following:

  • Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS): IRIS is a searchable database of more than 9,000 active federal and private funding opportunities, both grants and fellowships, in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.
  •  A one-stop shop for federal grant opportunities.
  • Foundation Center: The Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online contains detailed grant making profiles of over 100,000 foundations and corporate donors and information on more than 2.4 million grants made in the past ten years. Both the grant-maker profiles and the grants database are searchable using over 50 search fields and keywords.
  • Maine Philanthropy Center: The Directory of Maine Grant-makers is an online searchable database with detailed profiles of more than 450 grant-makers with a granting history and interest in Maine.
  • Grants Advisor Plus: Grants Advisor Plus is an excellent source of information about grants and fellowships for faculty and publish a monthly catalog of upcoming solicitation deadlines in the following categories: Fine Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, International, Health, Other and Minorities/Women.
  • OEG-developed content pages profiling specific funders.

 Please contact OEG with any questions or for assistance in accessing or utilizing these resources.


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