Constitution of Bates Habitat



The purpose of this club is to help those in need by building, whether it be shelters or hope. We closely collaborate with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, individual residents, and non-profit organizations to pursue this end. Our work is not limited to any of these organizations. In addition to annual weeklong trips in other parts of Maine and New England with Habitat for Humanity, we work on smaller, independent projects to help local residents of the Lewiston/Auburn area.


The name of this organization will be “Bates Builds”


This association is a non-profit organization pursuant to the laws of the State of Maine. The purposes for which this association is organized are as follows:

To expose Bates students to issues regarding poverty and housing in their community.

To raise and collect funds for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity and other organizations and their related projects.

To actively participate in the construction and repair of houses in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and on our own the homeowners and other volunteers.

To promote and carry out any other charitable or educational activities.

No part of the net earnings of the association shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, officers, or other private persons, except to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in these Articles of Association.


This club is open to all persons associated with Bates College. To become a member, a person must attend one meeting and take place in a build activity once per semester. Meetings take place on a weekly basis and there are building activities scheduled throughout. To become a qualified as a build trip leader, club members must participate in a leadership accreditation course offered once a semester by the club.


Elections are run on a semester-long basis. Elections take place at the end of November and March. Second semester seniors will step down from their positions and act as overseers during the winter semester. If a position remains unfilled, a senior or any other class year can remain in the position. It is encouraged that members switch positions after one year. Members are also encouraged to help out with weekly fundraisers and larger fundraiser events.



The co-presidents uphold the vision and sustainability of the club. They will attend all meetings with Bates Habitat, Rebuilding Together, and Androscoggin Habitat for Humanity. The co-presidents will run Bates Habitat meetings by calling them to order, providing a schedule for the meeting, and following through on plans made at a meeting. They will oversee all other positions and, when necessary, step in to complete the duties of other officers. They are in charge of maintaining the image and overall integrity of the club. The president will work to bring new members into the club and maintain the current members active status. The president will maintain healthy relationships with other student clubs and college organizations. The president will oversee all build trips and fundraisers.


The secretary will record the proceedings of weekly meetings and send out a minutes email to the listserve. The secretary will also take attendance at weekly meetings and store the lists of attendees for later use when writing up the yearly report of members.


At every weekly meeting, the treasurer will report on the current and expected club funds. The treasurer will record the budget electronically independently as well. The treasurer will stay in close contact with Bates financial office, depositing extra funds from fundraisers and the Waffle Haus into the account and depositing receipts from club members into the account. Club members who expect to be reimbursed for their purchase must propose their cause to the board during the weekly meeting. The treasurer is in charge of the annual budget proposal, which takes place in early March. The treasurer will also be in charge of writing grants to receive funding from the Harward Center for specific trips and/or fundraisers.


Community Liaison:

The community liaison’s tasks is to create, organize, and edit posters generated on Adobe Create Suite to put up around campus,  to edit, update and be in charge of the Facebook group and websites on WordPress and Google Sites, to take pictures and videos of our work and then post them on the websites and send them to the Bates office of communications. The public relations specialists will also think of ideas to promote the club including stickers,  T-shirts, patches, and other types of merchandise.



            The club needs finances for van rentals, communal building tools: i.e. gloves and hammers, fundraiser materials, and board meetings. These funds are to be obtained through the student finance committee and will be maintained by the treasurer. Fundraisers and grants will provide a means to supplement funds from the Bates Student Government.


            Any amendment to the constitution will be discussed and voted on in the club meetings by board members. A two-thirds vote is required for amendments.