Staff Grants

HARWARD CENTER GRANTS FOR PUBLICLY ENGAGED ACADEMIC PROJECTS are intended to support the development and implementation of publicly-engaged academic initiatives with strong potential for sustained and noteworthy impact on teaching, learning, scholarship, and/or the arts. Preference will be given to work that is grounded in collaboration between campus and community and whose academic and civic benefits are significant and sustained. Proposals are invited not only for local, but also for regional, state-wide, intercultural, national, and transnational projects and partnerships. We are mindful that different projects entail different types of public work; we invite proposals with diverse partners, geographies, issues, disciplines, and goals. Grants are open to all intellectual and artistic fields.  PEAPs are open to all Bates faculty (both tenure-track and non-tenure-track) and all staff working on educational, creative, and scholarly projects.  Faculty and staff may apply individually or in project teams. Students may participate as members of project teams, but the Principal Investigator(s) must belong to the College faculty or staff. Proposals developed with strong community participation are especially encouraged.  For more information, contact Darby Ray at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships or click here to download an application.
DEADLINES: 4:30pm on October 20, 2014, February 9, 2015 and June 15, 2015

PROGRAM, DEPARTMENT, OFFICE or GEC (or P-DOG) GRANTS support departments, programs, offices, GECs, or interdisciplinary faculty teams in developing curricula, courses, ongoing partnerships, training, or other resources that institutionalize community engagement opportunities within or across departments, programs, offices, or General Education Concentrations.  P-DOG awards will not typically exceed $5,000.  Grantees will be able, upon completion of the funded activities, to access an “Act II” grant of up to 50% of the original grant, to sustain their activities.  P-DOG grants are awarded on a rolling basis; there are no deadlines or set timetables for proposals or funded activities.  For more information, contact Darby Ray at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships or click here to download an application.

STAFF VOLUNTEER GRANTS support staff involvement in community service projects.  Projects need not be connected to or sponsored by Bates.  Activities supported by the grants might include (but are not limited to): purchase of supplies for a clean-up day; printing costs to publicize an event; or food expenses for community work.  Grants of up to $150 are available year-round for staff volunteer projects and funding is open to all Bates College staff members.  A review committee of Harward Center staff and Bates College Staff Association members will meet monthly to review applications and approve grants.  For more information, contact Marty Deschaines at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships or click here to download an application.
DEADLINE: Rolling (reviewed monthly)