Student Volunteer Fellows Program

SVFs serve as facilitators for community volunteer programs.

They work as a group, but each has his or her own focus.  Through this program, community volunteer needs are met and students are encouraged to become involved in service projects.  Fellows respond to requests for information from students and from members of the community.  They are responsible for developing opportunities and encouraging participation in volunteer activities.

Fellows are paid $2000 and will be expected to work an average of 8 hours per week for fall and winter semesters.  Fellows meet monthly with each other and monthly with the larger student leadership group on campus.  They participate in several retreats and evening meetings over the academic year.  Fellows submit progress reports.  They are expected to participate in their program as well as in training and enrichment activities during the year.

If you are interested, or would like more information, please click here to download an application or contact Marty Deschaines at 207-786-8273.  The deadline to apply is March 30, 2015.