Download the Bates health insurance brochures

Questions concerning coverage or claims

Bates Health Services at 207-786-6199 or Cross Insurance at 1-800-537-6444

Insurance Information

All students are required to have their own private insurance policy or to have purchased a Bates College plan.

If you have insurance through your family policy, you must let the company know you are at Bates College and find out how to handle all insurance claims while at Bates. Health Services will be unable to process your claim, handle your bills, or answer any questions about your individual policy. Pre-approval is often needed for x-rays, lab tests, and hospitalizations.

If you have purchased the Bates College policy, the Patient Services Representative can help you with certain questions you may have. You are still responsible for understanding your policy and following the needed procedures and claim form requirements.

It is important that you carry insurance cards and prescription cards with you just as you carry ypur Bates ID.

Health Services will write prescriptions for most medical needs. These prescriptions can be filled at the CMMC Pharmacy, located at 12 High Street in Lewiston.

The Health Services staff will be happy to assist students; but, please be aware that students are ultimately responsible for initiating, handling and paying all insurance claims.