Technology Training @ Bates

Registration for all training sessions is required. To sign-up or to see additional details for a training offering, please visit the Garnet Gateway. If you don’t see a training offering of interest or have a suggestion, contact Lee Desiderio, Instructional Support Manager.

To view the complete list of past and future training opportunities, view the Training Calendar.

We are busy working on new and exciting training opportunities for 2017! Once our schedule is available we will post additional details on our announcements page. Until then, check out our tips and tricks archive!

Current Offerings

How We Deliver Content

  • Special Topics In… Workshops
    • Classroom Hands-On
    • Classroom Follow-Along/Lecture
  • Webinar Wednesdays
  • Screen Casts
  • Ask the Expert Series
  • Departmental Customized Training
  • One-to-One Personalized Training
  • Online Training with
  • Self-Service Online FAQs/Documentation

Other Resources

G Suite Learning Center – Get free interactive lessons for a variety of G Suite Apps.
Lynda at Bates – Learn valuable new skills with expert-led online video tutorials – anytime, anywhere.
Training Request – Request a One-to-One Training, Departmental/Group Training, or Technology Coaching.
Training Tips Archive – An archive of our weekly technology tips and tricks.
Video Library – Recordings of past workshops, webinars, and training sessions.

Registering for Training Events

Registration is Easy –

  1. Log in to the Garnet Gateway
  2. From left sided Navigation Menu, Click on Events
  3. Click on Technology Training
  4. Find a session you would like to join
  5. Click on [sign up] located next to the Event Title