Catalog Short Descriptions

171:  China and Its Culture. An overview of Chinese civilization from the god-kings of the second millennium and the emergence of the Confucian familial state in the first millennium B.C.E., through the expansion of the hybrid Sino-foreign empires, to the revolutionary transformation of Chinese society by internal and external pressures in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  (East Asian)  (premodern)

173:  A Brief History of Korea. An overview of the history of Korea, starting from ancient Korea, continuing through the Silla Kingdom, the Koryo Kingdom, and the Chosen Kingdom, ending with the annexation of Korea by Japan, the division of the peninsula during the Korean War, and a look at Korea today.  Recommended background:  History 171.  Open to first-year students.  (premodern)

274:  China in Revolution. Modern China’s century of revolutions, from the disintegration of the traditional empire in the late nineteenth century, through the twentieth-century attempts at reconstruction, to the tenuous stability of the post-Maoist regime.  Recommended background:  History 171.  (East Asian)

278:  Taiwan. On 20 May 2000, with the inauguration of a president from the opposition, Taiwan added political democracy to the list of Chinese historical achievements.  This course surveys the history of the island from the seventeenth-century piracy to the emergence of the world’s twelfth-largest trading power.  Open to first-year students.  (East Asian)

292:  FYS: Growing Up Perfect. Every one of us wonders what we would be like if we realized our full potential, and every society struggles to describe the royal road to human perfection.  From Aristotle’s “reflective intelligence” to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, the library shelves bulge with examples and advice.  In this course, students read classic guides of self-improvement from 2,000 years of global culture—Roman, Chinese, American, and European—looking for the cultural supermodel that makes a bestseller, or moves a society.

390L:  Shanghai, 1927-1937. The nationalist government of the Republic of China had a single decade in power before full-scale Japanese invasion threw it on the defensive.  One spot in particular where it had to prove its ability to govern a modern society and economy was the special Shanghai municipal zone.  Scholarly attention in recent years has focused on the surviving archives of the British-Controlled police force in the International Settlement.  Students have the opportunity to evaluate recent scholarship and pursue their own projects in the microfilm edition of the archives.  Recommended background:  History 171 and 274.  Enrollment limited to 15.  (East Asian)