HouseCat Lottery Information

HouseCat is Bates’ new online housing selection platform. HouseCat allows students to apply for and select their housing online. Flexible, streamlined, and accessible from anywhere, HouseCat changes the location of the lottery while maintaining the basics.

The process begins with an application, and ends with selecting your housing assignment during lottery.

Applications Open: January 17th


All students planning to take classes at Bates during the Fall 2017 semester will complete a housing application on HouseCat ( Whether interested in off campus, theme houses, suites/blocks, or doubles/singles, every student needs to fill out their application.

To complete your application:

  1. Visit (or the portal button above!)
  2. Log in using your Bates credentials (the username and password you use for your email).
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your application.
  4. Your application is complete when you have signed your contract.

Lottery Number

After the deadline to complete applications passes, all students applying for housing for the Fall 2017 semester will receive a lottery number. As in years past, lottery numbers are generated randomly by class year. Each student will receive a unique lottery number, with rising seniors holding the highest numbers, followed by rising juniors, and rising sophomores.

Selection Time

Prior to the start of lottery, students will receive their room selection time based on the type of housing for which they are applying. Students applying for group housing (suites or blocks) will receive a selection time during the suite and block lotteries, while students applying for doubles or singles will receive selection times during the appropriate class-year lottery.


Once you know your lottery time, you are ready for room selection. When your time arrives, you will log on to HouseCat (, and select your room. As rooms are selected, they will be automatically removed from the selection screen, and each student has a window of time to confirm their room space before it will be placed back into inventory. Away from campus? No problem! All students will have access to the same online portal with real time information about available spaces. All lottery selection times will be based on Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to account for that if you are selecting from afar.


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