Smith Hall

160-161 North Bardwell Street

Built 1940; peaked roof added 1963; renovated 1986; 34,000 square feet   [Floorplan]

Smith Hall, a coed residence by floor, is divided into three separate sections: South, Middle, and North.  Each section is home to approximately 60 students. All rooms are large, two-room quads. The three sections are connected by a large basement lounge, seminar room, laundry room, and huge kitchen.  Ideally situated near Pettengill, Commons and Garcelon Field, living in quads means you can find your best friends and really get to know your neighbors on the floor.

Named for Dr. George Carroll Smith, ’76, A.M., ’26, Brookline, MA.

2013-2014 North Wing Junior Advisors:
First Floor:  Emma Taylor

Second Floor:  Welles Mathison

Third Floor:  Marit Schultze

Fourth Floor:  Norberto Diaz

2013-2014 South Wing Junior Advisors:
First Floor: Wendy Goldman

Second Floor: Matthew McLaughlin

Third Floor: Jaqui Veazey

Fourth Floor: Benjamin Wilentz

2013-2014 Middle Wing Junior Advisors:
First Floor: Catherine O’Toole

Second Floor: Thomas Graziano

Third Floor: Cosmin Bardan

Fourth Floor: Emily Hayes

2013-2014 Residence Coordinator (Team Leader):
Caleb Glassman

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