What do I need to bring with me to room selection? You must bring your Bates ID card to select a room.  Please come with patience and a sense of humor – we recognize that the lottery process is stressful, but we guarantee you will have a housing assignment come Fall!  Also, come knowing your lottery number.

What if I want to live with a roommate(s)? If you have a roommate, the student with the best lottery number chooses the room on their number alone. Your roommate does not need to be present at room selection in order for you to chose a room .

What if I want to live with a student from a different class year? In the suite lottery, the lowest individual number among the members of each group will be dropped before the group’s pick number is averaged.  Therefore, your group would not be penalized if it includes a member of a lower class.  During general room selection, you may also select a double or triple room with a student of a different class year; in that case, only the lottery number of the person who chooses the room will be considered.

What is the Healthy Living house? The Healthy Living designation means that no chemical use is permitted in the building.

What if I am studying abroad in the upcoming fall? Students studying abroad in the fall will not be eligible to participate in room draw.  If you will be returning to campus for the winter semester, you will receive more information about the winter lottery process from the Housing & Residence Life Office in the fall.  You may not have a friend keep an open space in a double room for the first semester in anticipation of your return to campus for winter semester.

What if I have applied to study abroad in the fall or for the academic year but have not yet been approved to do so?  Students who plan to study abroad will not receive lottery numbers.  If these plans change, you should come speak to us in the Housing & Residence Life Office.

What if I am not on campus this semester or am not able to attend room draw? You must choose a student who will be on campus for room draw to serve as your proxy.  Be sure to discuss your housing preferences with your proxy so that he or she is able to make an informed decision on your behalf. The proxy’s decision will be binding.

What if I am not able to choose a room at room selection? It is possible that not every member of the rising sophomore class will be able to choose a room during room selection.  Don’t worry if you are unable to pick a room that night!  You may enter the Summer Placement process for a room that shares your preferred room type and location by filling out a form on the Garnet Gateway. You will then be assigned a room via the Summer Placement lottery in August, and notified in late August of your room assignment.

What if I am not happy with my room? We understand that some students may be disappointed with the rooms they select through this process.  Participation in the Summer Placement Lottery is limited to students who were not able to choose a room during the spring room selection process, or whose roommates have cancelled their housing assignment and vacated a space in their rooms.  If you are not happy with the room you select in the spring, you will be able to add yourself to a waiting list for a room switch on the first day of fall semester classes.  However, we encourage all students to give their housing assignments a fair chance – you may learn to love your new room!