Suite Selection

Groups of three, four, or six students may enter the suite lottery for three-, four-, and six-person suites in the Village, John Bertram Hall, and 10 Frye Street.

1 triple 1 double/1 single 2 doubles 2 singles/ 1double 4 singles 2 singles/ 2 doubles
John Bertram Hall 13 5
Moody House 8 6
Rzasa House 3 4 2
Hopkins House 3 6 3
10 Frye Street 1 2 3

Directions for submitting an online suite application

A group’s pick number will be based on the average of the lottery numbers of the students in those groups, with the lowest individual number being dropped. For example, if you are applying for a 4 person suite, only the three best lottery numbers will be used in calculating the average. A student may be a part of only one group for each size suite, but may apply for suites of different sizes with different groups. One member of the group can log in and fill out an application for the group.

  1. Log onto the Garnet Gateway. Under the “Housing” menu, there will be an option entitled “Suite Lottery Application.”
  2. The first person who logs in to create a suite application becomes the “owner” of the application. The owner can add and remove people from the suite, as well as cancel the entire application. By default, the owner of the application is the first applicant.
  3. The owner may select from among the 3 person, 4 person,  or 6 person suite applications.
  4. Once the owner selects a suite size, they will come to a list of all students who are eligible for suite lottery. The owner will select each student they want to place in their suite, and click “Add” to add them to the application.
  5. Once the suite has reached maximum capacity, the owner will not be able to add any more students.
  6. Once the application is complete, click “Submit” and your application will be submitted.
  7. All students who are added to a suite will be sent a confirmation email that they are a member of that particular suite application. If a student wants to remove him or herself from an application, they can log into the Garnet Gateway and do so. If a student removes themself from an application, an email will be sent to the rest of the suite, letting them know that a student has dropped out. The owner can then go back into the application and add another student. If there are any changes at all made to the application after submission, an email will go to all members of the suite immediately, informing them of the changes.
  8. Keep in mind that a suite application will not be valid at the time of deadline if there are not enough students on the application to fill the suite.
  9. Students can log in at any time to the Garnet Gateway and see what suite applications they are members of.
  10. No changes can be made to a suite application after the deadline.

Pick numbers for all groups entered in the suite lottery will be posted outside the Office of Residence Life the day after deadline close.

At lottery selection, suites will be called in group lottery order.

You will be required to agree to the conditions of the Residence Hall and Dining Service Regulations before being able to select a room at lottery.