Theme House


Theme House applications will be available in the Housing & Residence Life Office and online on Thursday, January 9, 2014.  You MUST submit a brief preliminary abstract of your proposed Theme House via email ( or in writing to the Housing & Residence Life Office by Friday, January 24th.  This should be a short paragraph including the co-coordinators’ names, the house’s theme, brief description of the house’s purpose, and possible Residential Fellow(s) that you are considering. The abstract’s purpose is to allow us to provide you preliminary feedback on your proposal.

Full completed Theme House proposals for the 2014-15 academic year must be submitted via email ( or in writing to the Housing & Residence Life Office by Friday, February 14th, 2014.  Completed proposals must include:

  1. Your proposed theme
  2. The reason you are seeking to create or renew a Theme House.  If you are reapplying as a Theme House, our expectation is that you accomplished the goals that you set out from the previous year, completed all paperwork and have new programming ideas for the upcoming year.
  3. An explanation of how your theme will contribute to the Bates community.  The goals and expectations for your theme house should be discussed and determined by students who wish to live in the house and should be clearly articulated in your proposal.
  4. The name of the Residential Fellow for the house.  This person can be a faculty member, staff member, or administrator on campus who will agree to be your advisor.  The Residential Fellow will need to meet with all students approved to be in the house before submitting their names to the Housing & Residence Life Office and confirm the serious intent of each student to live according to the theme.  The Fellow is responsible for holding regular meetings with the house.  Please include in your proposal information regarding the meeting schedule/agreement that has been arranged between your Residential Fellow and the Theme House.  In addition, please provide a brief summary of the ways in which your house will actively collaborate with your Residential Fellow.
  5. The names of two students who will act as the Theme House Coordinators for the house.  These students will serve as liaisons to the Housing & Residence Life Office and are responsible for filling all beds in the house for the year.
  6. Ideas for potential house programs relating to your theme.  Theme Houses must plan and execute at least one program per month. A small programming budget will be available through their liaison to the residence life staff, the Theme House Residence Coordinator. After the program the Theme House Coordinators will need to submit an evaluation sheet to the Housing Coordinator.
  7. A list of potential student residents for your proposed Theme House.  You may use the announce e-mail system to send out information on your proposed house and you should seek to recruit student residents from all class years.  Everyone who shows an interest in your theme should have an opportunity to ask questions about your proposed theme house.  You may wish to consider having applications, an interview process, and an open meeting to generate interest.  Your list of potential residents will not guarantee that the house you are assigned will have the same number of spaces as students on your list if you are approved for a house.  If you are assigned a house that is too small to house all interested applicants, coordinators must determine who will be housed and who will not.  If you are assigned a house with more beds than requested, you must fill all of the beds.  We will try to assign houses as close to the actual number as possible.  You must have each upper class year represented in your house in some number.

The coordinators will be notified of the status of their proposal via e-mail by Friday, February 21st, 2014.

If your Theme House is approved you will be assigned a house and given a floor plan.  You will be required to submit the names of all residents who will be living in the house and the specific rooms they will occupy.  Each resident will need to sign an agreement to fulfill the requirements for the house and to agree to reside in their assigned room number for the semester at minimum.

Your group must fill every space in the house.  If you are unable to find enough people to live in the house at any time after your theme is approved then your house may be revoked.  After the final list of residents for your Theme House is submitted, any student listed as a member of that house will automatically be removed from all housing lottery processes. Please communicate this to all residents of the house.  Deadline for submitting these contracts and housing assignments is Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 9 am.

The Office of the Dean of Students reserves the right to revoke an approved Theme House upon consultation with the Residential Fellow and Theme House Residence Coordinator (THRC) for reasons including lack of interest in the theme, violations of the Code of Student Conduct, and failure to fulfill all meeting/programming requirements.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals.  Please e-mail or stop by the Housing & Residence Life Office in Lane Hall if you have any questions.

Theme House Proposal Template