Winter Semester Room Placement

For students returning to campus after being away for fall semester

Students who are not on campus for the fall semester but will require on-campus housing for the winter semester must enter the winter housing lottery to ensure their placement. Please observe the following guidelines in submitting your housing request.

Winter semester housing is assigned via a lottery process. You will be assigned a lottery number when all requests are received and we will do our best to place you in accordance with your preferences. The more complete and specific your list of preferences is, the easier it will be for us to place you in housing that will meet your needs.

We will begin accepting housing requests via the Garnet Gateway in early November each year. You will be notified of all dates and deadlines in the early fall. After logging into the Garnet Gateway, click on the link in the Housing menu titled, Students Returning for Winter Housing. Follow the specific instructions on this form.

You must submit your housing preferences by a deadline on or about December 1st. Transfer students or those new to Bates for Winter Semester must submit their preferences on or about December 14th. Suites in the Village and in JB are in high demand, so if you and your friends wish to request one you should also provide us with several other options in case we are unable to offer you your first choice.

Please list your potential roommates’ name(s) in your request. If you do not have a roommate you may request a single, but if no singles are available you should expect to be matched with a roommate and to be placed in a double or triple. You should also provide us with the name of a potential roommate even if you are requesting a single room, in case we are not able to offer you one.

If you plan to move into an open space in a double, triple, or suite with a friend or friends who are on campus for the year, please have the occupant(s) of that room or suite who will remain there for winter semester and email confirming your arrangement.

Any rooms that will be entirely vacated for winter semester will be available to returning students through the winter lottery process; therefore, it is not possible for students who are vacating rooms for the winter to transfer those rooms to returning students outside of the lottery process.

We will work to accommodate your preferences; not all students will receive their first choice. We appreciate your understanding as we work to fulfill the housing needs of all of our students.

You will be notified by email of your assignment during winter break unless you specify otherwise in your email. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life & Health Education at 207-786-6215 or