Residence Life Program

Mission Statement

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 The goal of the Residence Life program at Bates College is to foster residential communities that support our students’ personal growth through critical thinking and social and intellectual engagement beyond the classroom. The dynamic role that residential living plays in Bates students’ lives serves as a integral component of the educational mission of the college. Our student Residence Life Staff work in various roles to facilitate a strong sense of community among our student residents, whether in the smallest houses or the largest residence halls on campus.

Personal Responsibility and Social ConductBananagrams Res Life

Traditionally, Bates has taken pride in the responsibility of its students and the social and educational atmosphere of its campus. We do hold our students responsible for their conduct at all times. Any student who becomes disorderly, is involved in any disturbance, interferes with the rights of others, damages property, brings the name of the College into disrepute, or is involved, as an individual or part of a group, in unacceptable social behavior on or off campus may be subject to disciplinary action by the Student Conduct Committee.

Statement of Community Principles

 Membership in the Bates community requires that individuals hold themselves and others responsible for honorable conduct at all times. Together we create the educational and social setting that makes Bates College unique, with an atmosphere characterized by trust and mutual concern. Our actions must support our ability to work, study, live and learn together productively and safely. We are dedicated as a community to intellectual honesty and to the protection of academic freedom. These values are fundamental to scholarship, teaching and learning. We expect each other to maintain the highest integrity in all of our academic and social undertakings.