Annual Enrollment FAQs

Access a pdf file of the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment:

1) When can I enroll online? Online enrollment will open on Monday, November 7th and will end at midnight on Tuesday, November 22nd.

2) How do I enroll online? Access is through the Garnet Gateway.  Go to the “To Do” section of the main menu and click on the link to Annual Enrollment.

3) Can I start my enrollment and finish it later?  Yes, you may start your enrollment and come back later to complete it.  You will receive an email reminding you to complete your enrollment.  Important – your enrollment elections will not be sent to Human Resources until you hit the Complete button.

4) Will there be training on how to enroll online? Yes, Human Resources will be presenting at department meetings, hosting several annual enrollment meetings.  An open lab session will also be held at Libbey Forum.

5) What can I enroll in online? You may enroll in or make changes to your medical and dental plans and reimbursement accounts.

6) How do I elect the Health Insurance Contribution Credit? You are eligible to receive the credit off the amount of your contribution to the Aetna PPO or Whole Health (ACO) Plans if your Household Adjusted Gross Income as listed on your 2015 income tax return is less than $60,000.  Click on the Health Ins Contribution Credit option and click on the Add Choice button.  You will receive an email reminding you to turn in your 2015 tax return to Human Resources.

7) How do I indicate I will be applying for a higher level of Dependent Care Subsidy? Click on the Higher Dep Care Subsidy option and click on the Add Choice button.  You will receive an email reminding you to turn in a Dependent Care Subsidy Form and your 2015 tax return to Human Resources.

8) How do I change my Life Insurance?  You must contact Human Resources and meet with either Ken Emerson ( x8271) or Brenda Sawyer ( x6176) to change your life insurance elections.

9) How do I change the dependents I cover under the plans? You may add or delete dependents covered under your medical and dental insurance by making the applicable coverage level elections (1)-You Only, (2)-You & Spouse, (3)-You & Child(ren), (4)-You, Spouse & Child(ren), (5)-You & Domestic Partner, (6)-You, Partner & Child(ren) and submitting a completed Enrollment/Coverage Change Form to Human Resources

10) Will my current medical plan option carry forward into 2017?  Yes, you current elections will carry forward into 2017.  To change medical plan options you must first cancel your current election. then to  enroll in a different coverage: 1) click on the Health & Dental Insurance Group; 2) clcick on your current election and choose cancel benefit; 3) click on the medical plan option you want to enroll in; 4) click on your level of coverage; 5) click on the Add Choice button.

11) Will my dental plan election carry forward into 2017? Yes,  the dental plan options remain the same and your current election will carry forward into 2017.

12) How do I elect the GDI Debit Card for my Healthcare Reimbursement Account?  Enter the healthcare and dependent care reimbursement account section of your online enrollment.  Click on the Healthcare Reimbursement Account with Debit Card option and make your per pay period and annual contribution amount elections.

13) How do I view what my 2017 benefit elections will cost?  When you enter the online enrollment system you have the option of “Confirm My Benefits“.  This takes you to your 2017 Benefits Statement.

14) What if I want to change my elections after I have hit the “Complete” button and submitted my elections to Human Resources?  You may make changes any time before the annual enrollment period closes on Tuesday, November 22nd. Go back to the Garnet Gateway and select the option “Reopen online Enrollment” on the annual enrollment menu.