2014 CIGNA Medical and Dental Plans

Review of employee medical and dental payroll contribution rates

CIGNA administers both the Bates Medical and Dental Plans.

ID Cards: You will receive ID cards if you participate in either the Bates medical plan or dental plan.  Please make sure you present your new card to all healthcare or dental care providers including pharmacies when receiving services as they may have your old carrier on file.

Medical Plan: You should have received a card with each individual’s name on it for the medical plan.  You will also receive two CIGNA vision cards with only your name on it.  These can be used for any covered dependent.  The vision card is only for your annual preventive eye exam (see important information on the preventive eyecare network below).

Dental Plan: You will have receive two cards with only your name on them.  These can be used for any covered dependent.   If you need additional cards you need to call CIGNA to request them at 1-800-244-6224 or order a temporary card through your myCigna.com account..

Medical Plan Information

  • For 2014 CIGNA’S HMO style plan, called the CIGNA Open Access Plus In Network Plan or OAPin, is the less expensive plan. CIGNA’S PPO style plan, the CIGNA Open Access Plus Plan or OAP, is the more expensive plan. The difference between the plans is that the OAP provides payment for out-of-network providers and is therefore the more expensive plan.Following your initial enrollment you have the opportunity to switch from one plan to the other during the annual enrollment period in the fall.Brief side-by-side CIGNA medical plan comparison (more detailed summaries attached below)

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC):
Required by the federal government, the SBC provides a high-level overview of the major provisions of Bates’ health coverage through Cigna, including definitions of terms used within your plan (i.e., deductible, coinsurance, copay, etc.)  and examples of your out-of-pocket expenses.  Due to regulations imposed by the federal government related to the length and the information that must be included in the SBC documents, the information provided is at a very high level and Is not inclusive of all the coverage provisions under the plans.

CIGNA detail Summary of Benefits:
The CIGNA summaries for 2014 provide the benefit details for each of the health plan options in place for 2014.  The summaries provide more extensive detail related to the plan provisions than that which could be included in the SBC documents (due to restrictions imposed by the federal government).  Please note that the plan summaries are not intended to be exhaustive documents of the plan provisions, but rather overviews of the plans in place for 2014.

Prescription Drug Information:

Links to additional CIGNA preventive health and wellness information and resources

Dental Plan Information

Dental Plan Summary
Overview of what is covered under the dental plan

CIGNA Dental Additional Programs and Services

CIGNA Network Dentist Directory: If you choose a network dentist you can be assured you will not be balance billed. If you go to a non-network dentist coverage is paid at the 90th percentile of charges for that zip code area (same as our past plans with Aetna and Anthem).  This directory was printed on 10-25-13.

Important Information on Your Dental Plan:  More information on filing claims, requesting pre-determination of benfits and how to get more information on your dental plan.

CIGNA preventive Vision Care Plan

CIGNA has eye doctors in their medical network that will treat medical conditions of the eye.  However, CIGNA’s preventive Vision Care Plan that provides for your annual vision exam is separate from the Medical Plan and you will receive a separate ID Card.  Below is a summary of the vision care plan and a directory of participating providers in Maine.  Note that there are eye doctors who particiapte in the medical plan who do not participate in the vision plan for preventive exams.  To receive 100% reimbursement you must use an eye doctor that participates in the vision plan otherwise Cigna’s payment towards the visit is limited to $60.