Information for Supervisor & Managers

Dedicated Staff
Our Director of Staff and Student Employment, Amie Parker, provides support for hiring managers and search committees in the recruitment and hiring processes. Amie functions as a member of the Human Resource Management team, with a focus on employment-related issues.

A key element of recruitment and the hiring process is compensation and classification. Amie works collaboratively with Melani McGuire, Director of Compensation and Performance Management, to ensure that positions are appropriately classified and that a competitive compensation is assigned to all positions.

The Hiring Process
A visual aide outlining the hiring process.

Help with properly classifying workers:  Employee vs. Independent Contractor

The above is only a reference guide–all decisions regarding employee vs. independent contractor should be made in consultation with Melani McGuire, Director of Compensation and Performance Management.

Create New Requisition (for regular, budgeted positions)

Do you need to post a position or request that a position be approved?
Submit your request via the link above!

If you are filling a temporary position, please complete the Temporary Position Authorization Form and send to Human Resources.  Please note that a Dean or VP signature must be obtained prior to submission to HR.

Applying Online
Are you getting questions about how to apply for your position?  The careers page is located at the following address:

Managing the Applicant Materials

Viewing your list of applicants
Viewing the documents submitted by applicants
Viewing the applicant profile

Closing a Search
Found the perfect employee?  Prior to making an offer, contact Melani McGuire for approval of the salary being offered.  Once an offer is accepted, please complete the Departmental Hiring Form and submit via email or fax to Jess Leighton, HR Specialist.