Blood Borne Pathogens Program

Blood borne pathogens pose a great risk to the health of employees if contact is made with another’s blood/bodily fluids. In general, if contact with another person’s blood or bodily fluids is possible, wear disposable gloves. Clean-up kits for dealing with blood/bodily fluid spills have been placed in several key locations on campus; each kit contains disposable protective gloves, a disinfectant/fungicide/virucide solution, a biohazard disposable bag, and a copy of the American Red Cross’¬†Preventing Disease Transmission Recommendations.

For more detailed and complete information in dealing with BBP, please consult the Bates College Infection Control Plan. Security, Athletics, and the Student Health Services maintain copies of the full College-wide plan, and maintain clean-up kits.

Source: Section 507, Bates College Employee Handbook.