Fire Drills

Bates College is required by the Maine State Fire Marshall to conduct fire drills for every campus residence during each month that students are in residence. Environmental, Health and Safety personnel join forces with Student Affairs and Security to conduct drills each month from September through May. The drills provide an opportunity to test alarm equipment, test student response, instruct students on proper alarm response behavior and make safety related announcements.

Initial instruction on what to do when an alarm sounds is provided by Residence Coordinators and Junior Advisors. Subsequent drills test how well students have learned such things as where to assemble outside of the building, how to assist injured students during an evacuation, how to prevent the spread of smoke and fire by closing room doors as they leave and what to take with you to protect yourself or a neighbor who is in the shower when an alarm sounds in the colder months.

For questions regarding Fire Drills, please contact:
Director of Environmental, Health & Safety (x8226), or
Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist (x6413)