Workers Compensation & Incident Reporting


Jess Smith
Director of Environmental, Health & Safety
220 College Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

James Guzelian
Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist
220 College Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

Workers’ Compensation (WC) is a no-fault, state-mandated insurance program providing health coverage and wage replacement for employees sustaining injury or illness as a result of their employment. The principal purpose of Workers’ Compensation Law in Maine is to provide specifically defined remedies for employment-related injury and illness.

In the event of an incident, accident, or injury, an employee must contact Human Resources, at 215 College Street, 786-6176, to report the incident to Brenda Sawyer, our Workers’ Compensation representative. If no one is available, please leave a message with your extension number, so we may return your call. Include the following in your message: employee name, department, nature of incident, and if the employee needs an appointment to be seen. If immediate help is needed, call 786-6111.

This verbal report should be followed by an Accident/Incident Report within 24 hours of an incident. The Accident/Incident report must be completed by the employee and her/his supervisor and must be submitted whether or not medical attention is needed.

In the event of an emergency call x-6111, or pick up a security phone and Security and Campus Safety will respond along with other agencies as needed. Employees are urged to use their best judgment in determining what an emergency is. In all other cases requiring non-emergency medical attention, the Human Resources Department will call one of our medical providers and set up an appointment for the employee to be seen.

After the accident or incident has been reported, the Environmental Health and Safety Office will communicate with the College’s Workers’ Compensation insurer if necessary. The information communicated to the insurer is taken largely from the Accident/Incident Report, therefore an accurate and timely submission of this report is critical to establishing both employee and employer rights under Maine State Law and for establishing a date of injury necessary for initiating WC coverage.

Workers’ Compensation provides for 80% income replacement after a 7-day or 56-hour elimination period for employees injured on the job. Employees receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits will remain enrolled in the College’s Health, Life, and Long Term Disability benefit programs if they are eligible and enrolled at the time of their injury. Employees receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits will not accrue sick or vacation time or earn College-contributed pension benefits while in a non-working Workers’ Compensation status.

Source: Section 509, Bates College Employee Handbook.